Protection of the Eye of Horus Empowerment

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The Eye of Horus is a well known symbol that comes from Ancient Egypt. This is a symbol that has been used for many purposes but is mainly focused on bringing Protection, Health, Wholeness and Rejuvination. Due to its powerful protective powers, the Eye of Horus was used by the Egyptians to protect the living and also the dead. Protection of the Eye of Horus Empowerment has also been channeled to offer you Protection from Energy Vampires and Psychic Attacks.

Energy Vampires are very common within the Spiritual Community where they either consciusly or unconsciously deplete your energies leaving you feel Weak and Lethargic. If you are a Spiritual Teacher, you will know how this feels. I know I do. Protection of the Eye of Horus can help to repel Energy Vampires while protecting you from them by deflecting their energies and preventing them from latching onto you. The next focus on this attunement is the Protection from Psycic Attacks. We have all been the victom of a Psychic Attack at some point on our Spiritual Paths where unwanted Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Eenrgies are removed or depleted within our lives. Protection of the Eye of Horus can help to bring forth a Protective Vibration against the Psychic Attacks by repelling the Negative Energies that are sent to you while also preventing them from attaching to your being and causing Spiritual Damage. During the attunement the Eye of Horus is Encoded into your Etheric body, attuning you to the Vibration and Frequency of this Sacred Symbol.

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