Rainbow Transformation of Sanat Kumara

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The Rainbow Transformation of Sanat Kumara have been given through the work of Gaby & Ellen to help free you from your “earthly existence”. Now please do not start worrying, this does not mean freeing you through physical passing. It is a system that has been designed to free you from your need to rely on your earthly awareness and perception. When someone is able to recognize the divine in all earthly existence, they will learn that the meaning of life is spiritual and not material. You will gain the understanding that you are a divine being who is living an earthly life. As you work with the energies of the Rainbow Transformation and connect with the blessed frequencies of Sanat Kumara’s energy you will gain the ability to live your life with duality and connection to the opposite poles/frequencies of your body. The energies are further strengthened and the connection between your higher self and earthly consciousness, cosmic self and earthly energy, feminine and masculine and your higher consciousness and the physical body will be realigned. The energies of SANAT KUMARA will also open an access port for you to tap into your higher consciousness and the spiritual planes where you will gain the insight into life!

The Rainbow Transformation of Sanata Kumara will also help you with the following:

* Enhanced Psychic Abilities.

* Connect with the Divine Consciousness.

* To live with Joy on Earth.

* The Realization of your True Abilities and Physical/Spiritual Potential.

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Gaby Solina Mitterhoffer & Ellen Dana's Stamer. 





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