Run Valdr (Runic Reiki)

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There are multiple manuals in circulation for Run Valdr but at the Academy we have received the original docuemnts directly from Rodney Cox who is the founder of Runic Reiki.

Run Valdr (Runic Reiki) is a system that goes beyond what any other system does in that the Symbols and Techniques can be used for more than just simple Healing. Run Valdr (aka Runic Reiki) is a system that one can also use for Magic Rituals as well as charging your Magical Tools before a Ritual is performed. Even if you do not practice the Magical Arts, Run Valdr is still a must have for anyone who is interested in the Ancient Art of Druidic Healing. Using Runic Reiki you will learn how to create Powerful objects such as Talismans that are programed to do whatever you desire. Much of the material was revealed to Rodney during Mental Astral Journeys that he took to meet with the Gods Odin and Freya. During these Spiritual Journeys he received the Symbols, Names and Information about how this system was to be used and shared with others. Even though there are quite a few New Symbols which have been included in the Runic Reiki system they have a consistent basis for their Energetic Frequencies which are just as powerful as the ones that were given to Rodney during his channeling work with Odin and Freya.

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