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Sacred Green Money Cirlce Reiki has been designed as a Powerful Energetic system of Reiki that combines Magick with Reiki Energy. Both Magick and Reiki come from the Creative Source of Spirit by whatever name you choose to use. This system connects you to Spirit and surrounds you with the Vibration of Spiritual Abundance. It not only Empowers you to be more Positive about how you think about Money, but it also draws Money to you in a Positive way. These days, all of us can use Financial Security and over the years It is now time to make this system available so that together, we can create change in a Positive way. Using Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki will connect you to the Creative Source as well as the Energies and Vibrations of Money. It helps to draw Money and Opportunities of a Positive flow of Money. In turn, as you use the Energies and work ti improve your Financial situation, it adds to the Universal Energies of change for a more Prosperous World for everyone. Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki can also be used to help yourself and others. 

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