The Ascension Awakening Empowerment

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In many of my channeled manuals, I will quite often speak about Ascension and the symptoms that are associated with the process. For the first time in our living history, we have been given access to a cosmic library of information that will help us to grow and to advance our spiritual selves into new areas of reality. While this process will bring countless blessings for personal and spiritual growth, it will at times bring a sense of being overwhelmed by the higher bands of energy that you will be channeling through your body. This will bring a host of symptoms that will manifest within your life as you raise your energies and clear out old adverse energy patterns so you can make way for the higher bands of energy that will help align the trinity of mind, body & spirit.

Spiritual Ascension / Spiritual Awakening is one of the first topics that you will have read about when you first started to walk the path of a lightworker and spiritual healer. These are also some of the major topics that a lot of people will become confused about due to the ever increasing amount of information, some of which contradicts the next. Everyone seems to have their own point of view and understanding of what spiritual ascension means. The plethora of information out there doesn’t help. It can make you feel confused, disorientated and numb. Personally, I believe that almost all definitions of ascension are right because it is an exquisitely multi-layered concept and experience that cannot be put back into the box easily once it has been released. That being said, it does help to categorise and label the different aspects of spiritual ascension so that we can understand them better – and that is my intention for this distant attunement. I will share with you the beliefs of each aspects of Ascension and Awakening as well as giving you the symptoms that you might experience during this process. Finally, you will be given a simple self healing protocol to clear away the adverse energy patterns so any feelings of confusion will simply melt away. This is an open ended attunement so as you work with the energies and allow them to flow through your etheric background, you will gain personal insights into how the energies will work with you.

You will learn about the following plus much more:

* What is Spiritual Ascension.

* The Dark Night of the Soul.

* Dark Night and Depression – Is it the Same Thing?

* Signs That Herald the Dark Night of the Soul.

* Conditioning vs. Reality …

* The Dark Night and The Spiritual Awakening Process.

* 5 Types of Spiritual Ascension.

* What is Kundalini Awakening.

* Symptoms of the Kundalini Awakening {Light & Dark}.

* Is Kundalini Awakening Safe?

* Spiritual Awakening vs. Kundalini Awakening – What’s the Difference?

* Hidden Traps of Kundalini Awakening.

* How to Handle a Kundalini Awakening.

* Awakening of the Soul.

* Total Awakening (Enlightenment).

* What is a Spiritual Awakening.

* What Triggers the Spiritual Awakening Process?

* Signs of Spiritual Awakening.

* 23 Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms.

* Physical Spiritual Awakening Symptoms.

* Ascension Awakening & The Ascension Symptoms.

* The Ascension Awakening Crystal Activations.

* Ascension Crystal Essences and How to Make Them.

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