The Blessings of Mother Mary & The Holy Rosary Empowerment

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The Blessings of Mother Mary and the Holy Rosary is a system that I have been working with for over a decade but it has taken a journey of Self Discovery, Worship and Devotion to Mother Mary and the Holy Rosary for this new attunement to come forth. There are no prerequisites for this attunement but I would suggest that you have a basic understanding of energy work and do not have a negative attitude towards Christianity because this system is heavily based on Christian doctrine. It is also recommended that you have a set of Rosary Beads or can purchase some Rosary Beands to use the 2nd level of this system.    Regarding the praying of the Rosary, there is a misconception that only Catholics can pray the Rosary but this is not true. I am a Universalist so I am not Catholic but I pray the Rosary every day. Through praying the Rosary on a daily basis, I have come to understand the true blessings that are given by Mother Mary and the Godhead when you enter into this sacred ritual with an open heart and an open mind. You will not only learn how to manifest a greater level of healing within your own life but you will also learn how to channel a higher band of energies to others. 

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