The Blessings of the Goddess Quan Yin

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The Blessings of Quan Yin Empowerment have been designed to embrace you with the Healing, Compassion and Spiritual Development that this well known Goddess of Family can bring into your life. The Quan Yin Blessing has been designed to bring forth her healing frequencies to let you more forward and let go of old energy patterns in order for you to heal the past so you can move forward with growth and spiritual connectedness. The Goddess Quan Yin brings forth the energies of compassion, calmness, restoration and the healing frequencies of pure unconditional love. This Empowerment works via an open ended spectrum meaning that as you progress through the attunement and move forward with her universal blessings your own personal frequencies will increase to support that which you need at this time. The blessings of this open ended energy is that you will always be able to receive what you need and you won’t be restructures by what the programmed attunement will bring to you. A lot of attunements tell you how you what you can receive but with this attunement you will open the gates where the love of the goddess can flow through to you whenever you need them. This is a significant advantage over many other similar attunements that are available to us at this time. With the open ended basis of the Quan Yin blessings, there is potential for new streams of energy to make themselves known to you as specific times when you need them. Something that I teach to all of my students is to be open and flexible with the energies they receive. Play with the energies and use them in ways they are not directed within the manual. In doing this you will get the most from them.

Above all, discover what the Goddess wants to bring to you and have fun!

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