The Galactic Self Activation Level 1

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As the Expansion of your Awareness begins to unfold and you allow the Energies of your Galactic Self to be Assimilated into your Consciousness you will be propelled forward into creating a truly Heavenly Experience, right here, right now, within your Waking Consciousness.

Your Galactic-Self is the Monadic aspect of your Eternal Existance and it is through this new method of Spiritual Awakening and Expansion that you will begin to experience states of Oneness where Time and Space no longer exist in a way that you believe them to be. You will aso become more Sensitive to the Divine Presence that resides within you. As Human Beings we are now entering a stage of Galactic Awareness where the creation of Subtle yet Highly Evolved shifts in Energy are occuring on a daily basis These shifts in energy are also occuring for Mother Earth as she embarks on her own journey towards Galacitc Ascension. Through the Galactic-Self Activation you will begin a process of Expanding your Personal Awareness through the opening of your Energy Channels so that they resonate with the Vibrational Frequencies of the Godhead. As this pricess unfolds you will begin to alter the less wholeson Earthly experiences such as feelings of Ego, Vanity, Loneliness, Self Absorption and Uninspired Awareness into that of Love, Light, Generosity, Gratitude and a desire to help others on their own Spiritual Paths towards Ascension. During your Attunement to the Galactic Self Activation you will also receive Etheric Crystalline Encodings which are placed into your Auric Field. When activated these Crystalline Encodings will flood your Spriitual Body with their Vibrational Frequencies and Etheric Attributes. This form of Crystalline Encoding comes to you directly from the Godhead and is being given to help you to gain instant access to the Crystal Energies but also to their blessings which in turn will aid you with your connections to the Galactic Self. You will also gain insight into your Galactic Originas which might also include the Awakening to where your true Galactic Self came from.

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