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The Healing Grid has existed for millennia and will continue to function and operate for many thousands of years to come. It was recently discovered through the channelling work of Daniela where she was informed that the Healing Grid is a form of light Matrix that can assist us on our spiritual and life’s path. The experiences of those who work with this energy has been one that many have felt a complete spiritual alignment or they have been blessed with a connection which resulted in them experiencing many positive changes and blessings within their lives. They have learned to observe themselves, to recognize negative thoughts, emotions and to transform them through a process of letting go”

So what really happens during a Grid-Connection?

A Grid Connection Alignment literally aligns you to your own grid of pure universal love and light. Just as the earth is wrapped in an energy grid, so too are you. Daniela speaks of this in her writing “I know that there are different energy grids because I have been graced with the perception of seeing and experiencing them” Most of us are not conscious of the fact that we all have a Light-Grid. This grid is often blocked from our perceptions through emotional or mental hindrances which in turn affects us in many different ways but with the help of the Healing Grid your own Light Grid can be adjusted and repaired so you can truly grow in your spiritual development and personal ascension. The Grid Connection will bring a true inner readiness for this life-changing attunement.

How does the Light Grid Connection Work on a Mental & Emotional Level?

Through the Alignment and Connection to the Light Grid, you will discover, bit by bit, that you create your own world through your thoughts and addictions to your emotions. It is through the Grid Connection that you can change this distorted perception of life. Your outer world is the mirror of your inner world so what you think and how you act will ultimately reflect itself within your daily life. The Grid Connection allows you to become more aware of the synchronicities, which means that you will become aware of certain things that happen to you which seem to fit and could be useful hints or clues to bigger and better things. The Grid Connection connects you to the natural rhythm and flow of life. So what does it mean to be in the flow of life? To be in the flow of life means to be connected, to enjoy the game of life and to enjoy life with all of your being. The Grid Connection makes you more conscious of the Law of Attraction. It enables you to attract those things which for this moment are important to you. This could be a seminar that has a theme of something important which occupies your thoughts, it could be the right treatment for the process of letting go of old patterns, or you might meet someone who reminds you of your own inner world. Through this you can discover the masks that you wear, to let them go so you can bring yourself a little closer to your own true core, your true being. The Grid Connections brings you back to the true Essence of your Soul – Your True Being. When you allow this to happen and you are really ready for the realignment that will occur you will learn, bit by bit about the masks that you carry from one incarnation to the next. You will recognize them and will immediately let them go. As you let go you will recognize and understand your own true sense, thus understanding that we are all immortal.

Level 1 – The Alignment

The introduction to the Grid Connection is through an attunement called “the Alignment”. This Alignment has been channelled as a basis for your spiritual growth and is also a requirement for the connection with the Healing Grid. Through your Alignment, you will receive 3 healing sessions where your own personal Light Grid will be awakened and realigned with your soul self. Before you decide to receive the first Alignment to the Grid Connection you must test yourself to see how much you really are ready to do this. This is an important aspect of the Healing Grid and Grid Connection work. If you think “Yes, I am ready”, it could be that your subconscious is really telling you “No you are not ready”. This often occurs when the subconscious mind battles with the conscious mind by making you fear the change that will occur or you have a lack of belief in the change that will present itself to you as you work with these energies.

Level 2 – The Connection

After your initial introduction to the Grid Connections, you will begin to work with a direct energetic connection to the Healing Grid, or you could call it a Networking Grid of Consciousness. The Connection attunement will cover your own Light Grid so that through the work of the Healing Grid you will attune yourself to the main network of Grid Healing and Spiritual Alignment. Through the connection and help from the Healing-Grid, you will enter into a state of pure consciousness that allows your personal energies and energy field to become aligned with your higher self. You will also find that your healing sessions will become more powerful and your ability to channel a finer frequency of energy will dramatically improve.

Level 3 – The Guardian

The third and final attunement to the Grid Connection / Healing Grid will become what Daniela calls “The Guardian of the Grid”. This level of highly evolved energy work is only for those of you who will work responsibly with the Healing Grid and will care to spread the Healing Grid to others. You are the Guardian of the Healing Grid so it is of the upmost importance that you respect this work and also the energies you will be teaching. You will be permanently anchored into the grid to bring forth the knowledge, wisdom and energies to all those who call upon you for your help. To put it into a nutshell, this is not an attunement for a Reiki Reseller or someone who only wants to make money from energy work. The Grid just won’t work if this is your mentality for wanting to receive these attunements. Remember that to truly connect with the Grid we must let go of all that no longer serves the highest good. This also means that no Ego is to be attached when you become a guardian of the grid. During the Guardian initiation you will be connected to your own inner wisdom, with the wisdom of all the Guardians at all levels, and with the wisdom of your spiritual teachers at all levels. As a Guardian, you are empowered to work with the complete system and to initiate other Guardians to the Grid Connection.

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