The New Etheric Herbal Orb Empowerment

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The New Etheric Herbal Orb Empowerment is a brand new system that works to etherically attune you to the qualities of the Herbal Kingdom. After many years of working with the Ethereal Crystals, Ethereal Flowers and also my own channeled Etheric Crystalline Encodings has resulted in this new channeled attunement. Through these energies you will learn a simple yet effective meditation to connect with the Herbal Kingdom. Where other manuals on this subject fail becasue of the lack of understanding. This new manual will give you a comprehensive list of herbs that you can use to make elixirs, healing oils, lotions, potions and much more. You will also learn a new set of techniques that I have channeled with the help of Rakesh to teach you how to create an Etheric Herbal Orb or Sphere which can be used to program and encode a whole host of herbs into it as well as allowing it to be programmed in such a way that it will utalise the new set of functions that I have channeled into the manual. You will also be attuned to these new energetic functions so that they flow within your etheric background enabling you to use the encoded herbs for a number of situations from healing oneself and others to helping your spirit ascend to the 5th Dimension.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* Introduction to the Ethereal Herbs.

* History about Herbs from the Egyptians to the Romans and Wiccans.

* How to use the Energies of the Ethereal Herbs.

* How to create an Etheric Herbal Orb.

* A comprehensive List of Herbs and their Uses.

* Herbs for Specific Actions/Situations/Reasons.

* How to use the Etheric Herbal Orb Empowerment Energies.

* 10 New Etheric Energy Functions including the 5th Dimensional Ascension Functions.

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