The Rainbow Light Healing System 1-10 Attunement Package

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Since my first introduction into the world of spiritual healing I have been blessed with a gift of seeing Etheric Rainbows wherever I might be. I would reply to emails and they will appear on the screen to follow the words that I am writing or I could be chatting to a friend when an etheric rainbow will appear over their crown chakra. This is not a unique gift that has just been given to me but is a gift that is available for everyone to receive and to work with. It is my belief and my hope that through these simple yet highly effective attunements which are all based on the spiritual concept of working with energies of Light that by channelling the Rainbow energies to yourself and others that you will help to speed up your spiritual progression through clearing, aligning and balancing of your chakras, meridians and auric field. Each attunement within the Rainbow Light Series will also work on healing specific areas within your life by removing all unwanted energies and thought patterns so they can be replaced with the new vibrational frequencies that you will be accepting into your life.


The Rainbow Light Healing System is a very simple form of energy healing that I channelled in 2005. This system uses the 7 Main colours of the Rainbow which Correspond to the 7 chakras within the human body. By channelling the etheric rainbow energy and etheric colour light into all or some of the Chakra’s during a healing session it will aid in bringing balance and harmony to them. Simply via visualization/Intention or just placing your hands over your chakra’s during a healing session you can use this colour energy to aid in the healing of the Chakras and auric Layers.


Through the attunement to the Rainbow Dove and the continued use of the energies you will learn how to call upon the Rainbow Dove in times of need. The energies of the Rainbow Dove are being given to use to help dissolves all negative emotions and thought patterns by flying through your entire chakra system forming a whirlwind of energy around you. Holding onto negative thought patterns will not only ruin your personal life but can also affect your energy field and chakras which in turn can harm your spiritual growth. Through regular use of these energies, and by the heart felt intention to release these thought patterns, the rainbow dove can and will work very fast to help you with this clearing.


The Rainbow Skull Empowerment is a brand new chakra based healing system that is being given to humanity at this time to aid us in our personal spiritual development and advancement into the next phase of the galactic ascension process. The Rainbow Skull Empowerment has been designed to help you to create a more centred state of awareness, release old blockages and to help release any stuck emotional energies so they can be replaced with love, serenity and a truly heightened state of spiritual awareness. Through this awakening the Rainbow Skull energies will activate specific vibrational frequencies within your etheric body to assist you in adding more light to your every day thoughts, words and actions. You will also learn some very special Mantras that can be chanted when working with these energies. These mantras will assist you in your connections with each of the Rainbow Skulls as well as adding a heightened frequency of energy to all of your healings.


The Rainbow Pyramid Empowerment is a brand new healing system that is being given to us at this time to aid us in our personal spiritual practice of self protection. The use of this energy has also been channelled in the hope that it will also aid you in boosting your own personal energy levels, sharpening the power of your chakras, increasing your intuitive abilities as well as aiding in the development of any and all psychic abilities that reside within you. It is now through the energies of the Rainbow Pyramid that you will learn more about the art of protection and energy awareness through using the ancient symbol of the Pyramid to form an etheric structure around your physical and spiritual being in order to bring about this new state of awareness and spiritual protection. You will also learn about the many different etheric pyramids that you can create and how to connect with the powerful energies of Archangel Michael to aid in your spiritual and personal protection from any form of negative energy that is either created by your own consciousness or through the attack from another person.


The Rainbow Cocoon Empowerment is the 5th instalment within the Rainbow Light Healing System Series of attunements that have been channelled to help you with the many forms of personal and spiritual healings that we all go through as we walk the path of a lightworker and spiritual seeker. The Rainbow Cocoon is a new frequency of energy that has been gifted to us from spirit and my guide ‘Rakesh’ as an simple but advanced energy tool that is to be used during times of personal and spiritual transition and transformation. A spiritual transition/transformation can occur at anytime when you make a conscious choice to release old energetic patterns and thought forms to the unified cleansing of the chakras, auric field and meridians. If you are a practicing light worker or spiritual seeker then you will understand that we are all connected to the vast universal consciousness through an ability to tap into the vastness of the creative source energies. It is then through this spiritual connection that we will receive downloads of Spiritual Information which is then subsequently stored within the subconscious mind. These downloaded messages are then slowly released where they filter through your subconscious mind until they finally reach your conscious consciousness as a moment of clarity and an awareness that something has changed within you.


The Rainbow Diamond LightBody Activations have been channelled after many years of working with the vibrational frequencies of the rainbow spectrum. During this time, I have increasingly become aware of the deep spiritual connection between the rainbow frequencies and the realignment of the auric field. This connection has also given me a new understanding about the many beings of light who are stepping forth at this time to aid us with our personal enlightenment and overall spiritual evolution. When these beings of light are called upon you will begin a process of accelerating self realisation, spiritual healing and personal awakening to a higher and more refined state of being. While we all know that colour healing can affect the chakra system, it is not often that you will find many distant attunements that combine colour healing for the auric field. This is where the Rainbow Diamond LightBody Activation’s comes into their own. This unique healing modality is being given to you as a simple to use system that works by giving you the ability to not only realign your auric field but it will also give you a unique energetic connection to the Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddess’s and Archangels. The Rainbow Diamond LightBody Activations will also help you to stay centered, release old blockages and help release all forms of stale, stagnant emotional energies so that they can be replaced with love, peace and serenity. Activating and awakening the Rainbow LightBody will create a highly evolved frequency of energy that will help to open the many doorways to higher realms of spirit and personal awareness. Awakening your light body will also assist you in adding more light to your every day thoughts and action, opening your healing channel in an upwards direction so that you are more strongly connected to the Godhead and Celestial Beings.

The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 6 consist of the following 10 Activations:

* The Ascended Master St Germain Etheric Body Activation.

* The Archangel Gabriel Emotional Body Activation.

* The Ascended Master Hilarion Mental Body Activation.

* The Helios & Vesta Casual Body Activation.

* The Earth Star Activation of Thoth.

* The Ascended Master Lady Nada Soul Star Activation.

* The Ascended Master El Morya Hara Activation.

* The Ascended Master Lord Sananda Thymus Point Activation.

* The I AM Presence of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Activation.

* The Archangel Metatron Mer-Ka-Ba Activation.


The Angelic Orbs of Light Empowerment is the 7th instalment within the Rainbow Light Healing System Series of attunements that have been channelled to help you with the many forms of personal and spiritual healings that each and every one of us will go through as we walk the path of a lightworker and spiritual seeker. The Angelic Orbs of Light Empowerment has been channeled for practitioners who specifically work with the energies of Angels and who are not attuned or connected with the energetic frequencies of Usui Reiki. Creating an Angelic Orb of Light is a process that will allow you to create a Sphere to contain Healing Energy, Love, Light, Protection of the Angels. This Orb of Light can be sent to a recipient, and the energy it contains will remain within the Sphere, until the recipient calls the Sphere and receives the energies. This allows the recipient to mentally and spiritually receive the vibrational energies of the Orb at anytime and on many occasions.

The 26 Angelic Orbs that you will be attuned to and will also be able to create after your attunement are:

* The Archangel Michael Orb of Light.

* The Archangel Gabriel Orb of Light.

* The Archangel Raphael Orb of Light.

* The Archangel Uriel Orb of Light.

* The Archangel Zadkiel Orb of Light.

* The Archangel Chamuel Orb of Light.

* The Archangel Jophiel Orb of Light.

* The Archangel Raguel Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Beauty Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Compassion Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Forgiveness Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Glory Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Grace Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Harmony Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Hope Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Joy Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Love Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Mercy Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Patience Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Peace Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Purification Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Strength Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Tranquiality Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Transmutation Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Truth Orb of Light.

* The Angel of Wisdom Orb of Light.


The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 8 – The Rainbow Orb of Light Empowerment was originally channelled in 2007 and was simply called The Rainbow Orb Empowerment but after many years of Meditation and working with this system, I have been blessed with a new and improved updated version of the energy as well as the guidance to now include it as part of the Rainbow Light Healing System Series of Attunements. If you have already been attuned to the original Rainbow Orb Empowerment then that system is still valid and the energies are intact. The Academy will however no longer be offering the original system due to it being replaced by the new updated version which is the 8th instalment of the Rainbow Light Healing System Series. This Simple yet very effective Empowerment and Spiritual technique has been created for people who offer with the debilitating conditions of Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia but it can be used by everyone when they instant relief from the Stress’s and Strains of Modern Life by flooding your body with the energies of Rainbow Light.

You will learn about the following:

* What is a Panic Attack?

* Signs and Symptoms of a Panic Attack.

* Signs and Symptoms of Panic Disorder.

* Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia.

* Causes of Panic Attacks and Anxiety Disorder.

* Self Help for Panic Attacks.

* How to help others having a Panic Attack.

* Treatments for Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder.

* Alternative Therapies for Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder.

* Crystal Healing for Panic and Anxiety Disorders.

* How to use the Rainbow Orb of Light Energies.


The Rainbow Fairy Essence Activations is the 9th instalment within the Rainbow Light Healing Series. This set of attunements were created to help you with many forms of healing as well as spiritual progression and the balance of mind, body & spirit. This new activation has been created to bring forth the blessings of the Fairies and the etheric attributes of Flowers, Tree’s and the Seasons. When I finished channeling the main message for this attunement, I felt the presence of the fairies come close where they imprinted onto my consciousness the need to include Inner Child Essence Activations. This was unexpected but as you will see, the addition of these activations, adds an extra dimension of energy to the overall healing from the fairies. Fairies and in particular, flower fairies, are small creatures who stand no more than 20cm tall. These beings are often found living in the tops of trees, in marshes, forests, waysides and in your garden. Wherever and whenever a seed seedlings appear, it is believed that a flower fairy is born. Each flower fairy lives and sleeps in their chosen flower, plant or tree and as it grows, the fairy grows too. Each and every flower fairy is also in charge of looking after their home, keeping it strong and healthy by making sure it has plenty of sunshine and water to grow. Sweeping away dead leaves and petals while also polishing the flowers and stems. Within this manual and accompanying energy activations, you will gain an energetic rapport with each of the fairies that can be found in flowers, trees and by the wayside. When all of this knowledge and the etheric activations are combined, they will create a powerful and life changing energy will manifest itself within your life. You could also call the effects magical due to their ability to transform lower energies into love and light. Within the accompanying manaul, you will learn about Fairies of the Flowers, Fairies of the Tree’s. Fairies of the Seasons and an all new aspect of Fairy healing which works to help with Inner Child Re-Alignment.


The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 10 has been 16 years in the making and what a journey it has been. There have been many high’s and many lows as my spiritual body adjusted to the new energies. The Rainbow Light Healing Level 10 attunement has been channeled to connect you with the virbations of the Rainbow Flame that comes to us from the realms of the Rainbow Guides. The Rainbow Guides are divine beings who come to us from the realms of Atlantis where they work closely with the energies of the 13 Flames. The 13 Flames are spiritual gifts that have been given to us to dissolve and transmute anything that is not in alignment with the higher self and your soul Contract {Etheric Blueprint}. When you are attuned to the Rainbow Light Series you will become part of the chosen few who have decided to use the energies to help Humanity and Mother Earth in their process of Enlightenment and Spiritual Ascension as well as working to heal your own life {Mind, Body & Spirit} Through my channeling work with Rakesh and the Rainbow Guides I now feel that it is time for the fullness of the Rainbow Flame to once again make itself known to us in order for us to raise our energies and to connect with the blessings that the Rainbow Guides wish to bestow upon us.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* The Divine Rays and the 13 Rainbow Flames.

* The Soul & The 13 Flames.

* Archangel Zadkiel.

* The Origins Of Archangel Zadkiel.

* The Goddess Quan Yin.

* Working with the Rainbow Flame Energies.

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