The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 5

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The Rainbow Cocoon Empowerment is the 5th instalment within the Rainbow Light Healing System Series of attunements that have been channelled to help you with the many forms of personal and spiritual healings that we all go through as we walk the path of a lightworker and spiritual seeker.

The Rainbow Cocoon is a new frequency of energy that has been gifted to us from spirit and my guide ‘Rakesh’ as an simple but advanced energy tool that is to be used during times of personal and spiritual transition and transformation. A spiritual transition/transformation can occur at anytime when you make a conscious choice to release old energetic patterns and thought forms to the unified cleansing of the chakras, auric field and meridians. If you are a practicing light worker or spiritual seeker then you will understand that we are all connected to the vast universal consciousness through an ability to tap into the vastness of the creative source energies. It is then through this spiritual connection that we will receive downloads of Spiritual Information which is then subsequently stored within the subconscious mind. These downloaded messages are then slowly released where they filter through your subconscious mind until they finally reach your conscious consciousness as a moment of clarity and an awareness that something has changed within you.

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