The Soul Awakening Empowerment

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A spiritual awakening is the dissolving of the illusion that you are separate from the state of oneness. In this profound revelation, a person’s energy begins the process of transformation. It heals old wounds, dissolves false beliefs and illusions and shifts you towards your truest way of expressing yourself and living your life with a strong connection to the divine mind. A spiritual awakening is felt throughout your mind, body, heart and soul but as soon as these emotions are felt, you are forced to see how limited you have been in so many areas of your life. That bright light shining within the inner most depths of your soul will ask you one potent question: ”Now that you know the truth, will you clean up your home or will you try to ignore your illusions, pain, and misconceptions?”. The Soul Awakening Empowerment will help you to understand the process of spirital awakening as well as teaching you how to expand your awareness into new areas of your life in order to release old energy patterns and blockages so that you can progress further on your spiritual path.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* Initial Spiritual Awakening Experiences.

* Reality vs Illusion.

* Signs of Spiritual Awakening.

* The Dark Awakening.

* Spiritual Shifts Beyond Spiritual Awakening.

* Dedicating yourself to Spiritual Freedom.

* The Soul Awakening Energy Functions.

* How to work with the Soul Awakening Energies.

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