Turtle Back Healing System

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During a deep and introspective meditation session, I found myself in a heightened state of awareness. As I quieted my mind and opened myself to the energies around me, I felt a profound presence enveloping me. It was as if a portal had opened, connecting me to the divine realm. In this ethereal state, I became aware of angelic beings surrounding me, radiating pure light and love. As I continued my meditation, the angels communicated with me through gentle whispers and telepathic messages. They revealed that throughout our lives, we often neglect the importance of our backs. While we focus on our faces and the front side of our bodies, it is our backs that bear the weight of emotional and physical pain. The angels showed me a vision of wounds and scars accumulated over time, representing the hurts inflicted by others and the burdens we carry. The angels emphasized that negative people often speak ill of us and plan things behind our backs, causing unseen harm and energetic wounds. They revealed the prevalence of backstabbing in our lives, both in a metaphorical and literal sense. It was a revelation that awakened within me a deep understanding of the neglected aspects of our being. As the angels continued to guide me, they introduced a transformative element to heal the wounds and scars on my back. They invoked the power of fire, a symbol of purification and transformation. In my meditation, I witnessed the flames engulfing my back, burning away the residual negativity, and releasing the pain held within. Through this cleansing fire energy, all the imprints of backstabbing and wounds were gradually dissolved. I felt a profound sense of relief and lightness as the flames swept away the burdens I had carried for far too long.   After the purification process, the angels unveiled the gift that would protect me from future harm and ensure lasting healing. They presented the concept of an etheric turtle back, symbolizing strength, stability, and protection. This energetic shield would be installed around my back, acting as a guardian against backstabbing and negative influences. The turtle-back energy system provided an invisible barrier, deflecting any harmful intentions or energetic attacks directed at me from behind. It became a source of security and empowerment, allowing me to navigate through life with increased confidence and resilience.

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