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Ama Deus stands as a testament to the enduring wisdom of ancient healing practices, blended with a heart-centered approach to channeling divine love. With its roots in the Amazon jungle and its universal applications, Ama Deus offers a pathway for practitioners to not only heal individuals but also contribute to the healing and well-being of the planet. As practitioners attune to the symbols and embrace the essence of divine love, they embark on a transformative journey that transcends boundaries and nurtures the interconnectedness of all life.

Author: Alberto Aguas


Step into the realm of Ama Deus, a profound healing practice with roots dating back 6000 years, nurtured by the Guarani Indians in the heart of the Amazon jungle in central Brazil. Translated as “I love God,” Ama Deus combines the boundless love of the divine with ancient multi-dimensional symbols, serving as conduits for energy transmission. This sacred system, first introduced to the West by Dr. Alberto Aguas, a Brazilian healer deeply immersed in the practices of Guarani shamans, has become a powerful heart-based energy modality known for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Key Elements of Ama Deus:

  1. Love as the Foundation: At the core of Ama Deus is the principle of divine love. Practitioners serve as channels for God’s love, allowing this energy to flow through them for the purpose of healing and transformation. The heart-based nature of Ama Deus emphasizes the connection between the practitioner, the divine, and the recipient.

  2. Ancient Multi-Dimensional Symbols: Ama Deus utilizes a set of ancient symbols, each holding unique qualities and purposes. These symbols act as vehicles for energy transmission and are designed for specialized actions, setting Ama Deus apart from other energy-healing modalities. The symbols are channels through which the healing energy is projected with intent and attunement.

  3. Versatility of Applications: Ama Deus offers a wide range of applications, making it a versatile and comprehensive healing system. Some of the applications include healing for oneself and others, distance healing, emergency situations, healing for animals and plants, assistance for those near death or dying, purification of various substances, physical and emotional healing of the heart, and support for various spiritual endeavors.

  4. Spiritual Dimensions: Beyond its applications in physical and emotional healing, Ama Deus extends into spiritual dimensions. It can be used to assist departed souls in their transition to the spirit world, support recollection of past lives, journey into the Akashic Records, and receive spiritual guidance during dreams. The system also includes practices for celebrating birthdays and offering spiritual gifts.

  5. Global Healing: Ama Deus goes beyond individual healing, encompassing a broader perspective that includes supporting world leaders in decision-making, healing the Earth, and contributing to the collective well-being of humanity. The interconnectedness of all aspects of life is acknowledged and embraced within the framework of Ama Deus.

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