Archangel Michaels Kyanite Sword

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Step into the realm of divine protection with Archangel Michael’s Blue Kyanite Sword Attunement. Safeguard your energies, cut through negativity, and uphold a high vibrational state.

Blue Kyanite Sword Attunement—where celestial strength meets swift and efficient energetic protection.

Author: Amanda Hadley


Immerse yourself in the radiant energies of the Blue Kyanite Sword Attunement, a transformative system designed to align you with Archangel Michael’s formidable protection. Enlist the support of Archangel Michael’s celestial sword to cut through negativity, etheric cords, and energy attachments, ensuring the sanctity of your sacred space and personal energies.


  1. Archangel Michael’s Blue Kyanite Sword: Connect with the celestial vibrations of Archangel Michael and his symbolic Blue Kyanite Sword for ultimate protection.
  2. Cutting Through Negativity: Empower yourself to cut through negativity, etheric cords, and energy attachments, maintaining a high vibration.
  3. Quick and Easy to Use: Harness the energies with heartfelt intention, experiencing swift and efficient energetic cleansing.


  1. Vibrational Alignment: Align with Archangel Michael’s protective energies to shield yourself from lower vibrations and astral entities.
  2. High Vibration Maintenance: Use the attunement regularly to uphold a high vibration, free from negative influences and attachments.
  3. Empath and Hyper-Sensitive Support: Especially beneficial for empaths and hyper-sensitives, providing defense against external influences and negative energies.


  1. Defender and Protector: Embrace Archangel Michael’s role as your defender and protector, promoting a sense of safety and security.
  2. Freedom from Negative Energy: Cut through all forms of negative energy and influence, fostering a purified and uplifted energetic state.

Key Features:

  1. Blue Kyanite Properties: Leverage the properties of Blue Kyanite, a stone known for purity and negative attachment removal, believed to be the material of Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth.
  2. Sword of Truth: Embody the symbolism of the Sword of Truth, allowing the energies to bring clarity and purity to your energetic field.

How It Works: Activate the Blue Kyanite Sword Attunement with your heartfelt intention, allowing the energies to swiftly cut through negativity and provide a shield of protection. Experience the defender and protector qualities of Archangel Michael.


  • Archangel Michael
  • Blue Kyanite Sword
  • Energetic Cleansing
  • Protection
  • High Vibration
  • Empath Support

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