El Morya Healing System


Unlock the transformative power of the El Morya Healing System, a divine attunement crafted by the Master El Morya himself. Immerse yourself in the Blue Ray’s energies, mastering the Throat Chakra for enhanced communication and divine expression. Embrace the authentic power, align with the divine will, and receive the gifts of wisdom and faith from the Holy Spirit. Embark on a journey of spiritual mastery, unlocking the profound potential within you.


Introduction: Unlock the Power of El Morya Healing System

Embark on a transformative journey with the El Morya Healing System, a divine creation by the esteemed Master El Morya, the Cohan of the Blue Ray. This attunement represents the original and unparalleled energy of El Morya, holding within its essence a potency that surpasses any attempts at re-channeling. The unique vibrational frequency of the El Morya Healing System sets it apart, ensuring an experience of profound power and transformative energies.

Highlights: The Essence of El Morya’s Blue Ray

Unveil the significance of the Blue Ray, symbolizing Power, Goodwill, and Faith. This radiant ray exemplifies leadership, power, and alignment with a focus on the Throat Chakra. Dive into the profound qualities of the Blue Ray, discovering the art of wielding Power, mastering Speech, and surrendering to the Divine Will.

Objectives: Mastering the Throat Chakra

The El Morya Healing System is more than just an attunement; it is a guide to becoming the Master of your Throat Chakra. Through a carefully crafted journey, you’ll learn the nuances of harnessing Power, perfecting Speech, and achieving the ultimate surrender to the Divine Will. Align yourself with the transformative energies that pave the way for receiving the sacred gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Benefits: Embrace Wisdom and Faith

Immerse yourself in the wisdom and faith bestowed by the Holy Spirit. As you master your Throat Chakra, witness the blossoming of your ability to articulate profound insights and divine wisdom. The El Morya Healing System opens the gateway to a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit, allowing you to receive and express sacred words of wisdom and unwavering faith.

Key Features: Navigating the Power Within

  • Original Energy of El Morya: Embrace the authentic and unparalleled energy crafted by the Master himself.
  • Throat Chakra Alignment: Learn the secrets of mastering the Throat Chakra for enhanced communication and expression.
  • Blue Ray Symbolism: Explore the transformative qualities of the Blue Ray, including Power, Goodwill, and Faith.
  • Divine Surrender: Discover the art of surrendering to the Divine Will, unlocking profound spiritual insights.

How It Works: A Path to Spiritual Mastery

The El Morya Healing System operates by attuning you to the unique frequencies of the Blue Ray. Through guided practices and teachings, you’ll navigate the intricate path of mastering your Throat Chakra, unlocking the dormant power within, and aligning with the divine essence of El Morya.


  • El Morya Healing System
  • Throat Chakra Mastery
  • Blue Ray Attunement
  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Divine Wisdom

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