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Immerse yourself in the cooling vibration of Bio-Galaxy Reiki, a transformative energy healing system offering spiritual tools for chakra and nadi alignment. With two levels, practitioners progress from clearing energy bodies to advanced energy channeling, awakening sole chakras, and activating Ajna and Pineal Gland. The system’s unique symbols and techniques empower individuals to connect with the vibrational energies of the galaxy and Mother Earth, fostering spiritual alignment, enhanced energy channeling, and expanded awareness.

Author: Sastra Vardhana


Embark on a journey of spiritual alignment with Bio-Galaxy Reiki, a unique and cooling vibration designed to provide you with powerful spiritual tools. Tailored for both personal and professional healing sessions, this energy healing system facilitates the alignment of the chakras and nadis. Bio-Galaxy Reiki connects practitioners gently and effectively to the vibrations of the galaxy and Mother Earth, offering a comprehensive two-level approach. Level 1, the Practitioner Degree, focuses on clearing energy bodies from blockages and negative energy, aligning palm chakras, and harmonizing through four Bio-Galaxy Reiki symbols. Level 2, the Master/Teacher Degree, advances the alignment process, enabling practitioners to channel a greater amount of energy, awakening and aligning sole chakras with Mother Earth, and opening Ajna and Pineal Gland with the energetic encoding of four additional symbols.

Highlights: Bio-Galaxy Reiki stands out for its cooling vibration and versatile spiritual tools, empowering practitioners to align chakras and nadis. The system connects individuals to the vibrational energies of the galaxy and Mother Earth, offering two distinct levels for practitioner and master/teacher degrees.


  • Energy Body Clearing: Bio-Galaxy Reiki Level 1 aims to clear the energy body from blockages and negative energy within the chakras and nadis.
  • Palm Chakra Alignment: Achieve alignment of palm chakras, enhancing practitioners’ ability to channel energy effectively.
  • Harmonization: Level 1 provides a complete harmonization through the connection to four Bio-Galaxy Reiki symbols.
  • Advanced Energy Channeling: Bio-Galaxy Reiki Level 2 focuses on aligning palm chakras for advanced energy channeling.
  • Sole Chakra Awakening: Level 2 includes a spiritual blessing to awaken and align sole chakras with Mother Earth.
  • Ajna and Pineal Gland Activation: Open Ajna and Pineal Gland, enhancing spiritual awareness and perception.
  • Energetic Encoding: Level 2 introduces the energetic encoding of four additional symbols within Bio-Galaxy Reiki.


  • Spiritual Alignment: Achieve spiritual alignment through energy body clearing, chakra and nadi alignment, and harmonic integration.
  • Enhanced Energy Channeling: Level 2 empowers practitioners to channel a greater amount of energy with advanced palm chakra alignment.
  • Sole Chakra Connection: Awaken and align sole chakras with Mother Earth for a grounded and connected energy experience.
  • Expanded Spiritual Awareness: Activate Ajna and Pineal Gland for heightened spiritual awareness and perception.

Key Features:

  • Cooling Vibration: Bio-Galaxy Reiki’s cooling vibration sets it apart, providing a soothing and transformative experience.
  • Comprehensive Manual: The system includes a detailed 2-level manual guiding practitioners through techniques, symbols, and practices.

How It Works: Bio-Galaxy Reiki operates by employing its cooling vibration to clear energy bodies, align chakras and nadis, and connect practitioners to the vibrational energies of the galaxy and Mother Earth. Level 1 focuses on foundational alignment and harmonization, while Level 2 advances energy channeling capabilities, expands awareness, and deepens the connection to spiritual symbols.


  • Bio-Galaxy Reiki
  • Cooling Vibration
  • Spiritual Tools
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Nadi Alignment
  • Energy Clearing
  • Master/Teacher Degree
  • Sole Chakra Awakening
  • Ajna and Pineal Gland Activation
  • Energetic Encoding

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