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Discover the power of Birthstone Crystal Healing, aligning gemstones with birth months for enhanced luck and healing. The program offers energetic connections to 12 Birthstones at the Practitioner Level, each corresponding to a specific month. At the Master Level, practitioners attain proficiency in administering Birthstone Healing to others. Inspired by Ethereal Crystals, this program provides a versatile and personalized approach to healing in both personal and client-based settings.

Author: Hari Winarso


Enter the realm of Birthstone Crystal Healing, a program that aligns gemstones with each birth month, ranging from precious stones like Diamonds to semi-precious ones like Lapis Lazuli. Birthstones are believed to carry luck for their specific months, and their healing powers are thought to be heightened during their designated time. Inspired by the concept of Ethereal Crystals by Ole Gabrielson, this program empowers practitioners to tap into the unique healing energies of each birthstone, suitable for both personal and client-based healing settings. The program offers two levels:

Level 1 – Practitioner Level: At this level, practitioners receive the energetic connection to 12 Birthstones/Attunements. While the founder recommends a three-day interval between each attunement, this can be adjusted, and some may choose to accept all attunements at once. The Birthstones/Attunements include:

  1. Garnet Healing Attunement
  2. Amethyst Healing Attunement
  3. Aquamarine Healing Attunement
  4. Diamond Healing Attunement
  5. Emerald Healing Attunement
  6. Pearl Healing Attunement
  7. Ruby Healing Attunement
  8. Peridot Healing Attunement
  9. Sapphire Healing Attunement
  10. Opal Healing Attunement
  11. Topaz Healing Attunement
  12. Turquoise Healing Attunement

Level 2 – Master Level: The Master level comprises a single attunement that encodes the Master energies, enabling practitioners to administer Birthstone Healing to others.

Highlights: Birthstone Crystal Healing aligns gemstones with birth months, offering luck and heightened healing powers during specific times. The program, inspired by Ethereal Crystals, provides energetic connections to 12 Birthstones at the Practitioner Level and Master energies at the Master Level.


  • Monthly Birthstone Connection: Connect with the energetic essence of 12 Birthstones corresponding to each month.
  • Personalized Healing: Use Birthstone Crystal Healing for personalized healing, both for oneself and clients.
  • Master Level Attunement: Attain Master energies to administer Birthstone Healing to others.


  • Monthly Healing Focus: Leverage the healing energies of specific Birthstones during their corresponding months.
  • Versatile Application: Apply Birthstone Crystal Healing in various settings, including personal and client-based healing.
  • Master Level Proficiency: Gain proficiency in administering Birthstone Healing to others with the Master Level attunement.

Key Features:

  • 12 Birthstones/Attunements: Level 1 provides energetic connections to 12 Birthstones for a comprehensive healing experience.
  • Master Level Attunement: Level 2 includes a single attunement that encodes Master energies for administering Birthstone Healing to others.
  • Flexible Acceptance: While a three-day interval is recommended, practitioners have flexibility in accepting attunements.

How It Works: Birthstone Crystal Healing operates by establishing energetic connections to 12 Birthstones at the Practitioner Level, allowing practitioners to tap into their unique healing energies. The Master Level attunement encodes Master energies, enabling proficiency in administering Birthstone Healing to others. Practitioners can apply this healing system in various settings, adapting it to personal or client-based needs.


  • Birthstone Crystal Healing
  • Gemstones
  • Healing Powers
  • Practitioner Level
  • Master Level
  • Energetic Connections
  • Personalized Healing
  • Monthly Birthstones
  • Master Energies
  • Healing Attunements

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