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Datum Reiki is presented as a system that offers a simple yet versatile approach to energy work. The emphasis on a single symbol for amplifying energy and its application in chakra work and meditation highlights its potential for various aspects of personal and spiritual development. Users are encouraged to explore Datum Reiki as a tool to enhance and deepen their energy practices.

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Author: Alec Summers


Datum Reiki is introduced as a system of energy work originating from Brazil, and it is being made available to students outside of the country for the first time. The key features and applications of Datum Reiki are outlined as follows:

  1. Single Symbol System:

    • Symbol Utilization: Datum Reiki is described as utilizing a single symbol.
    • Symbol Activation: When drawn over the palms of the hands, the symbol is said to enhance the power and intensity of other energies and symbols.
  2. Enhancement of Energy and Symbols:

    • Power Amplification: The primary function of Datum Reiki is to increase the power and intensity of any other energy or symbol.
    • Versatile Application: Users can incorporate Datum Reiki into various energy practices to enhance their effectiveness.
  3. Chakra System Work:

    • Chakra Activation: Datum Reiki can be used to activate energies that, when applied to each chakra, increase the flow of energy and expand the size of each chakra.
    • Energy Attraction: The expanded chakras are said to attract more energy from the Universal Consciousness.
  4. Meditative Connection:

    • Higher Self Connection: In meditation, Datum Reiki is intended to establish a connection with the higher self.
    • Self-Exploration: The energies are said to facilitate a meditative state focused on self-discovery and becoming one’s true self.



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