Dimensional Consciousness & Galactic Portal Activation – Expanding your Awarenes

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This advanced distant attunement aims to provide practitioners with a profound understanding of consciousness across different dimensions, offering tools and activations for exploration and expansion. The integration of concepts such as Galactic Portals adds a unique and transformative dimension to the overall experience.

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Author: Jay Burrell


The information provided gives an in-depth overview of a complex and multidimensional perspective on consciousness and spiritual existence. Here are some key points derived from the description:

  1. Dimensions and Vibratory Rates:

    • Dimensions are described as a way of organizing different planes of spiritual existence based on their vibratory rates. Each dimension has its unique set of laws and principles corresponding to its frequency.
  2. Consciousness and Awareness:

    • Consciousness is defined as awareness, and the inhabitants of each dimension function with minimal resistance because their consciousness resonates with the frequency of that dimension.
  3. Multi-Dimensional Consciousness:

    • Multi-Dimensional Consciousness refers to the ability to be aware of more than one dimension. It involves expanding perceptual awareness to dimensions both above and below the physical plane of existence.
  4. Unconscious, Conscious, and Superconscious:

    • Unconsciousness is when individuals are unaware and unable to attend to stimuli within another dimensional state. Consciousness is being aware and able to attend to stimuli within one’s own dimensional realm. The superconscious is a higher order of consciousness from the 5th dimension and above, with an innate awareness of all lower dimensions.
  5. Accessing Human Consciousness:

    • Human consciousness is accessed through introspection, dreams, and meditation. The 3rd-dimensional self is conscious of stimuli perceived by the five physical senses.
  6. Superconscious Awareness:

    • The superconscious, existing from the 5th dimension and above, is innately multi-dimensional. The 3rd-dimensional self can become conscious of the superconsciousness through meditation, prayer, and surrendering to the higher self.
  7. Galactic Portals:

    • Galactic Portals are introduced as powerful energetic connections aligning with divine aspects of the sacred soul. Activations of these portals are presented as a way to tap into the vibrational energies of galaxies, stars, and dimensions. These portals offer unique experiences to individuals.
  8. Individualized Experiences:

    • It is emphasized that each person’s experience with the energies of the portals will be unique, and individuals may see and feel things they have never experienced before.
  9. Advanced Topics:

    • The advanced distant attunement covers various topics such as dimensional consciousness (1st – 5th), expanding dimensional consciousness, dimensional sub-planes, understanding dimensions of consciousness, the unconscious mind, simultaneous lifetimes in different dimensions, quantum awareness, magic and quantum mechanics, Akasha and Akashic Annals, the higher self and spiritual DNA, and more.


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