Dimensional Entities & Spirit Clearing Empowerment

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Practitioners engaging with this empowerment are likely to explore advanced concepts in spirit release healing and gain practical insights into dealing with various spiritual attachments and inter-dimensional interference. The attunement appears to be a comprehensive system that builds on existing knowledge and experience in the field of energy healing.

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Author: Jay Burrell


The Dimensional Entities & Spirit Clearing Empowerment appears to be a specialized energy healing system designed as an extension to the original Spirit Release Healing method. Below are key points outlined in the provided information:

  1. Prerequisite:

    • Prior completion of the Spirit Release Healing method 1-3 is mentioned as a prerequisite for taking this new distant attunement. This suggests a progression or advanced level of understanding and skill required before engaging with the Dimensional Entities & Spirit Clearing Empowerment.
  2. Complex Attunement:

    • The attunement is described as complex with many layers of study and awareness. This complexity is intended to enhance practitioners’ spirit release healing work, providing a deeper understanding of what constitutes a true spirit attachment or entity possession.
  3. Channeling Information:

    • The information provided in this attunement is channeled, based on the practitioner’s own knowledge, experiences, and spirit-release healing work with clients over several years. The focus is on sharing insights gained from this practical experience.
  4. Inter-Dimensional Interference:

    • The manual acknowledges the existence of external forces that can potentially impact individuals’ lives, referred to as inter-dimensional interference. It emphasizes the complexity of the human experience and the challenges in categorizing these forces under one label.
  5. Self-Created Entities:

    • The attunement recognizes the possibility of self-created entities, attachments, and possessions. The manual aims to help practitioners understand and work with such occurrences, emphasizing their prevalence and the varying levels of impact they may have.
  6. Topics Covered in the Manual:

    • The manual delves into various subjects, including different types of spiritual attachments, thought parasites, inherited entities and interference, genetic hereditary patterns, ancestral influences, generational healing, integration healing, intergenerational trauma, life cycle of parasitic entities, interference from human spirits and astral passengers, spiritual attacks, extraterrestrial interference, ET implants, spirit possession, psychosis, cultural beliefs and symbols, and advanced methods for spirit clearing.
  7. Practical Techniques:

    • Practical techniques are included in the manual, such as energy cleansing and spirit release using crystal wands, spiritual prayers, and an advanced method for spirit clearing known as Intention Clearing Prayers. These techniques aim to guide practitioners in their healing work.
  8. Holistic Approach:

    • The information provided suggests a holistic approach to understanding and addressing spiritual interference, taking into account a broad spectrum of influences from self-created entities to external forces.
  9. Spirit Clearing with the Angels:

    • The manual covers methods for spirit clearing involving the assistance of angels, aligning with spiritual and metaphysical practices.


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