Divine Human Angel Reiki


The Divine Human Angel Reiki system appears to integrate elements of Reiki with the recognition and activation of one’s role as a human angel. The manual offers practical guidance for both self-healing and assisting others through in-person and distant healing treatments.

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Author: Reiki Master Gabriela Szafman


The Divine Human Angel Reiki Manual you’ve described outlines a system that focuses on recognizing and embracing the role of human angels in our lives. Here’s a breakdown of key points from the information you provided:

  1. Definition of Human Angels:

    • Human angels are described as individuals who come into our lives at the right time and offer words or actions that help us gain clarity, cope with life changes, and navigate difficult situations. They are considered to be designated by the universe to be of service to those in need at specific moments.
  2. Purpose and Contribution:

    • The purpose of human angels is to make a positive contribution to the world at particular moments. Some may have made a commitment before their births, while others are chosen by the universe. The essence of their contribution is to provide comfort, support, and guidance during challenging times.
  3. Self-Recognition as a Human Angel:

    • The manual suggests that individuals might be human angels themselves without realizing it. It encourages recognizing one’s role as a source of support and comfort for others during times of need.
  4. Contents of the Divine Human Angel Reiki Manual:

    • The manual is organized into sections covering various aspects of the Divine Human Angel Reiki system. These include an introduction, the definition and contracts for Reiki Human Angels, the history of the Divine Human Angel symbol, additional information about the history of the human angel, and details about the Merkaba.
  5. Activation and Meditation Techniques:

    • Techniques such as Merkaba activation and Merkaba meditation are included in the manual. Merkaba is a geometric symbol representing the energy field around the human body, and it seems to play a role in the Divine Human Angel Reiki system.
  6. Attunement Procedures:

    • The manual provides guidance on how to perform self-healing treatments, perform in-person Divine Human Angel Reiki healing treatments, and conduct distant healing treatments. There are also instructions on the attunement procedure, including both in-person and distant attunements.
  7. Distant Attunements:

    • The manual outlines the process of performing distant attunements, recognizing the importance of being able to provide these energetic connections remotely.
  8. Receiving Attunements:

    • Information is provided on how individuals can receive attunements to connect with the Divine Human Angel Reiki energies.


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