Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System


The Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System seems to integrate elements of energy healing, chakra balancing, and dolphin symbolism to create a unique and transformative healing experience. Practitioners interested in this system may find the manual to be a valuable resource for learning and implementing the techniques involved.

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Author: Reiki Master Shanri Johnson


The Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System appears to be a comprehensive and holistic energy healing system designed to balance, align, and cleanse the chakras with the assistance of the energy and guidance of dolphins. Here’s an overview of the key elements mentioned in the provided information:

  1. Purpose and Philosophy:

    • The system aims to help individuals return to their inherent truths and knowledge by awakening from a deep sleep. It emphasizes the importance of aligning, balancing, and cleansing each chakra to move into a deeper, more meaningful life, with the support of dolphins.
  2. Connection with Dolphins:

    • The system draws attention to the unique qualities of dolphins, such as having three frontal lobes and highly developed Third Eye Chakras. The connection with dolphins is explained as a call back to our roots, as our bodies are primarily composed of water. Dolphins are portrayed as guides on the journey of cleansing, balancing, and realigning chakras.
  3. Attunements:

    • The system includes 14 attunements, each corresponding to a specific chakra. These attunements are designed to deepen the connection to both humanity and the dolphin kingdom, leading to a process of true self-discovery.
  4. Contents of the Manual:

    • The manual includes detailed explanations of the Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System, information about the founder (Shanti), an introduction to the healing system, and a welcome message. It covers essential concepts such as chakras, chanting, attunements, and tools for the attunement process.
  5. Practical Tools and Techniques:

    • The manual provides practical tools for use during the attunement process, including Trans-Rainbow Fusion, Dolphin Sea Bath, Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Meditation, and Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Grid. These tools are likely intended to enhance the effectiveness of the healing system.
  6. Practitioner Guidance:

    • Information is provided on how practitioners can maintain and work with the chakras after attunements. There are also instructions on using the Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Energy with clients, sending distant healing, and healing the globe.
  7. Reference Materials:

    • The manual includes reference materials such as a chart for practitioners, a cheat sheet, and a healing sheet for the Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System.
  8. Founder’s Message:

    • The manual includes a welcome message from Shanti, the founder, likely offering insights, inspiration, or guidance for practitioners embarking on this healing journey.

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