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Immerse yourself in the transformative energies of Empathy Negative Attachment Protection, a system designed to empower individuals with inner aura mastery and emotional alignment with the Higher Self. From cultivating a calm and focused mind to activating abundance consciousness, this practice enriches the trinity of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Healers can benefit from heightened intuition, delving into the root of issues within the Auric Field and Chakras. Additionally, this system serves as a supportive ally in addressing various physical concerns, including Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Toxic Release, and Circulatory problems. Elevate your well-being and intuitive capacities with this comprehensive approach to energetic protection and healing.

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Author: Jalu Wasonoadi


Introduction: Step into the realm of empowered well-being with Empathy Negative Attachment Protection, a unique system crafted to endow initiates with the profound ability to navigate the inner aura. This transformative practice facilitates the release of discordant feelings, aligning your being with the Higher Self. Dive into the calming embrace of the mind, fostering focus and tranquility to bring forth positive attributes to the trinity of Mind, Body, and Spirit.


1. Inner Aura Mastery: Acquire the skill to sweep through your inner aura, liberating yourself from emotions that stand in contrast to your Higher Self, promoting a harmonious and balanced existence.

2. Calm and Focused Mind: Empower your mind to stay calm and focused, unlocking the gateway to positive attributes that resonate across the realms of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

3. Abundance Activation: Stimulate the abundance of possibilities within, allowing you to draw in more positivity from the vast expanse of Universal Consciousness.


  • Release of discordant feelings for alignment with the Higher Self.
  • Enhanced mental calmness and focus.
  • Activation of abundance consciousness.
  • Heightened intuition for healers.

Key Features:

  • Inner Aura Sweeping Technique
  • Mind Calming and Focusing Energies
  • Abundance Activation Practices
  • Intuition Enhancement for Healers

How It Works: Empathy Negative Attachment Protection functions by empowering initiates to navigate their inner aura, releasing emotions incongruent with the Higher Self. The energies foster a serene and focused mind, contributing to the positive attributes enveloping the trinity of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Activating the abundance of possibilities within, this system aligns practitioners with the vast Universal Consciousness, amplifying the flow of positive energies.


  • Empathy Healing
  • Inner Aura Mastery
  • Mind Calming
  • Abundance Activation
  • Intuition Enhancement

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