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Welcome to Metamorphic Healing Reiki. This brand-new attunement has been channelled to bring to you a set of advanced energies that will help you to heal and purify the trinity of mind, body & spirit. The healing of these aspects will occur at a very deep level of your awareness as you are guided through a series of energy practices and symbol encoding that have been designed to bring forth more love, light and spiritual understanding into your life. As I channel this attunement, I praise and hold nothing but gratitude in my heart to the Celestial Hierarchy, the Godhead and Light Beings who have given me access to these powerful and highly effective energies so everyone can work with them. It is my continued hope that the information that I have channelled into this manual and the accompanying attunements will guide you through a process of inner awakening to the energies of Metamorphic Healing Reiki. This will be achieved through a variety of self-healing practices and attunement processes. In addition to this, you will also receive information that was brought through deep insights and healing experiences that I have had while channelling this attunement. Overall, I wish to share the Metamorphic Healing Reiki energies in a way that will help to bring forth higher vibrational energies and significant healing vibrations into the mainstream of energy work without limitation or restriction.

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