Sacred Source Vibration Empowerment

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Sacred Source Vibration Empowerment is a system of energy that works to connect you to Sacred Source for Healing, Renewal and Spiritual Cleansing. The energies of this system were gifted to Amanday during a time when she was feeling flat and worn out (exausted). As she channeled the energies she felt an immediate lifting of her Vibrations which seemed to flow through her, dissolving away all Negative Eenergies while at the same time filling her with a renewed sense of Vitality and a deep connection with Source. Every part of her body was immersed in this powerful wave of pure Love and Light from the Divine Consciosuness. When the energies are activated the flow from Source moves through each Chakra and Auric layer before exiting through the Eart Star Chakra, leaving you with a feeling of being refreshed and rejuvinated. Sacred Source Vibration dissolves all forms of Negative, Stagnant Energy as well as releasing Spirital Attachments and Blockages that it encounters along th way.

Sacred Source Vibration can be activated:

* When you feel work out (Physically, Emotionally or Spiritually).

* To Energise and life your Vibration.

* To Renew your Energies.

* To Rejuvinate, Refresh and Stimlate.

* To Re-Connect you with Source.

* To Cleanse and Balance your Energy Field and Chakras.

* To Remove Negative Energies.

* To Self Heal.

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