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Spirit Elements has been create through the channeling of Spirit to help you invoke and access the realms of Nature and Spirit within yourself so you can fully explore and understand your Spirituality while fulfilling your Highest Potential. There are 7 attunements within this system which work as activations for each energy of Spirit Elements

You will be attuned to the following activations:

1} The Water Element Attunement – The 1st Spirit Element attunement paves the way for fully utilising the unique qualities of the remaining attunements of Spirit Elements. This attunement integrates the element of Water within you and attunes you to its Vibration.

2} Earth Element Attunement – The Earth Element Attunement takes you beyond your old reference points and limitations to stabilise the relationships that you have with those around you.

3} The Fire Element Attunement – The Fire Element Attunement has a very strong energy that vibrates at the core of a Primordial time at the very beginning of intelligence on Earth. This attunement brings you back to the moment when the soul originally chose the life purpose for its Earthly incarnations.

4} The Air Element Attunement – The Air Element Attunement has the quality of allowing a person to journey to the Astral REalms and levels on the Spiritual Plane of existence. It has the potential to bring your Spiritual Personality to the forefront of your Consciouenss while integrating it with your Passion and Enthusiasm.

5} The Higher Self Attunement – The Higher Self Attunement funnels and channels energy of the highest order into the Core of your being from where it will radiate out and expand into your Auric Field and Environemnt. The Higher Self Attunement helps you to be aware of what is beyind the Physical Experience while helping you to integrate the wisdom and knowledge of Ancient Civilisations.

6} The Devic Attunement – The Devic Attunement will help you remember why you are here, and assist those who remember their destiny to take action and become passionate about their life path. It also help syou to care for yourself on a Spiritual level while bringing forth a Devotional, Nurturing quality within your life and those around you.

7} The Angelic Attunement – The Angelic Attunement helps us to be more open to receiving insights and wisdom from Higher Realms of Reality. The essences of the Angels will also work to bring forth Inspiration, Love, Awareness, Communication and Guidance to lead you to a place of Infinite Potential

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