The Abundance Awakening Attunement

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The Abundance Awakening Attunement has been designed by Amanda after she herself has recieved an awakening to her own Abundance through using this energy in her own life. Abundance Awakening gives the initiate a Powerful Burst of Awakening Energies that connect you to the Source Energy and the Energies of Unlimited Abundance. The Energies when used enable you to fully realise and internalise the fact that you live in an Unlimited Abundant Universe.

The Energies of Abundance Awakening can help you in two ways:

Firstly, they will help you to shift all Blockages to Abundance so that you can allow the flow of Abundance to be freely available in your life.

Secondly, becasue they come directly from Source, they will work to shift your Vibration to a place where you completely understand and acknowledge that you are an Abundant Being living in an Abundant Universe.

The Abundance Awakening Energies will also help with the following:

* Awaken and Acknowledge your Abundant Nature.

* Develop a Strong, Positive, Abundant Mindset.

* Focus your Thoughts on those of Pure Abundance.

* Feel Gratitude at every Level of your Being.

* To Release your life from Old Beliefs and Self-Sabotage.

* Live Freely in Abundance.

* Increase Inspiration and Manifestation.

* Build Self-Confidence in yourself as an Abundant Being.

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