The Angel Stones Empowerment

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Simply out the Angel Stones are a unique Spiritual Tool that give you the ability to spread the Love and Light of the Angels into your Life. The Angel Stones are part of what I call Old School Attunements in that it has been available for many years which ensures that the energies are Pure and Divinely Guided. When you Create and Activate an Angel Stone by Intention, an Angelic Frequency will be connected to it. It is quite different to any other Attunement. When you create an Angel Stone you can wear it as a Crystal or you can program any Stone or Gem that you already own so that it will constantly infuse your Etheric Body with the blessings of the Angels. They will help to Heal, Balance and Protect you from the moment they are created. The Energies work on any Blockage within your Spiritual Body so that you can focus on the Beauty and Joy of Life. The Energies work to life your Spirits while also working perfectly during Healing Sessions. To use these Energies during a healing session you simply place a Angel Stone on the person being healed. If using the Energies for Distant Healing, simply write the name of the person on a piece of paper and then place the Stone over their name.

This really is a unique and very simple energy to use enabling it to also be used by Children.

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