The Ascended Masters Enlightenment Consciousness

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The Healing With The Ascended Masters Enlightenment Consciousness (Master Maitreya) is the 2nd Attunement within the Healing with the Ascended Masters Series by Raine Hilton

Master Maitreya is an Ascended Master who many people have been expecting to appear for Generations. Not only by those within the New Age Community but also but all of the major World Religions. Globally he is known as The World Teacher, but to Christians he is known as Christ, while Hindus know him as Krishna, Jews as the Messiah, Buddhists see him as Maitreya Buddha and to Muslims the Imam Mahdi or Messiah. Maitreya has come forward at this time through his channeling work with Raine to share with us the Gifts that working with Self Realisation can bring. It is through his easing of the pain and suffering created from the level of our Conscious Ego Mind. As we progress through these levels of Enlightenment Consciousness we will cease to feel owned by those things we see as Material Posessions. However, this is not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy and appreciate all that we have achieved and instead choose to give it all up to live an austere lifestyle.

When we are aligned with our Souls Purpose, we will find that all that we think, say and do will resonate forth into a life of Harmony which will support our Journey through this lifetime. Within the Channeled manual that Raine has written you will learn about the 10 Levels of Consciousness and how they relate to where you are right now on your Spiritual Path. As you read his unique Channelled Communication this will further open up your Awareness taking you into your attunement to Maitreya who will assist with your Enlightenment Consciousness Evolution. You will also learn how to use this energy to connect more deeply with Maitreya to work on any issues or blockages in your Personal, Professional and Spiritual Life.

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