The Azeztulite Light Activation

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Azeztulite is known as ‘The Ascension Stone’ so therefore it works to help you expand your Consciousness by raising your Personal Spiritual Vibration. Although Azeztulite is a type of Quartz, it vibrates at a much higher level. The Vibrations of this stone are so strong most find its energy to be unpleasant at first. Before working with Azeztulite on a daily basis, you ,must first adapt to its energy. It is said that this Spiritual Stone originated from Star Beings called “The Azez” which means “Nameless Light”, who act as communicators of the stone to transmit their Inter-Dimensional knowledge as well as aiding in Astral Travel. The Azez spoke of these Crystals giving the messages that they will grant the abilities of Psychic Awareness and Ascension to those who work with the energies with Love and Light in their Hearts. This stone demonstrates no Negative or Neutral Energy. It is truly a stone of Positive Vibrations which never needs to be cleansed. This also makes it an excellent Crystal to use when Encoding the virbations into ones Auric Field and Chakra System.

This Attunement will not only Awaken your Light Body but it will also aid in the following ways:

* Re-connecting with the Great Central Sun.

* Connecting with the Healing Power of Himalayan Gold Azeztulite.

* Helps you to connect with the Spiritual Realms.

* Enables you to open your Psychic Abilities.

* Facilitates the Awakening to your Higher Self.

* Giving you a better understanding of your place within the Web of Light.

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