The Black Tourmaline & Obsidian Crystalline Flush

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Although Reiki 1st Degree is prefered for this Attunement, this prerequisite isnt set in stone. It can be purchased and used by students who dont have any pre existing Reiki Training.

Crystals are just one of the forms of magic that our mother earth possesses and are used by everyone from healers and skincare practitioners, religious and spiritual leaders, witches, druids, empath and also scientists. As an empath, and a hyper sensitive, crystals help me tremendously and I use them a lot in my healing work with others. If I experience a hard time playing favourites or if I find I am working with someone who is draining me of my vital life force energies, I have found that the following crystals have become essential for my own spiritual health. So here I wanted to share some of the simple and helpful ways you can use them! Have you ever found yourself drawn to Obsidian or Black Tourmaline and their intense and mysterious vibes? If you have then it could be a sign that you are in need of a deep psychic cleanse. These crystals are known as the “Psychic Vacuum Cleaner”, making the crystals your spiritual maid service, working hard to clean the emotional wreckage and debris from the past and present. A bodyguard to your soul, Tourmaline and Obsidian also works to protect you from shadow traits such as addiction, fear, anxiety, anger, stress etc by acting as a mirror to your soul and inner self. This attunement has been created in such a way that it is an open ended energy. By this, I mean that as you work with the energies in your daily life, the crystalline energies will reveal themselves to you in ways that I have not mentioned in this manual. In doing so, the crystals will become your best friend and healing partner. An open ended energy also indicates that you can utilise the vibrations of the etheric crystals in new and exciting ways.

You will also receive the energetic connections to the following crystals during your main attunement which will allow you to connect with them via your heart felt intention:

Black Tourmaline – Repel Lower Harmful Frequencies.

Jet – Clears Internalised Emotional Energy for Empaths.

Labradorite – Shields against Psychic Attack, Fixation and ill-Wishing.

Fluorite – Cloaks your Energy Signature to avoid Sorcery & Psychic Attacks.

Blue Kyanite – Keeps People from messing with your Head.

Black Obsidian – Protects from Fixation, Sorcery and ill Fortune.

Apache Tears – Transmutes Negative Energy.

Infinite – Bolsers your own Defences by Healing and Strengthening your Aura.

Staurolyte – Protects against Unwanted Spirits and Attachments.

Spirit Quartz – Diminishes Fear, Bolsters your Natural Defences and is good for House and Land Spirits.

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