The Blessings of the Sacred Heart Empowerment

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The Blessings of the Sacred Heart Empowerment has been in the making for many years. I first connected with the Sacred Heart in 2015 after spending several months battling with depression, anxiety and severe panic disorder. It was during this time, that I reached out to Jesus for help. As I reached out for his help, I was blessed with an experience that I will never forget and one that I go into detail within the accompanying manual. The Sacred Heart is probably one of the most well-known religious aspects of the Christian/Catholic faith but for many, it is believed that one has to be Christian or Catholic to receive the graces that are given from Jesus and the Sacred Heart. This is so far from the truth as I will explain within the manual. The Sacred Heart is here for us all and it is the representation of the divine love for humanity that Jesus has for us. The Sacred Heart will quite often be seen with a flaming heart, a wound and a crown of thorns placed on top of the heart where a cross is seen inside the crown of thorns. The symbolism of the images seen within the Sacred Heart has a very deep personal connection to all who choose to work with this aspect of Jesus’ energies and the Sacred Heart. You will find biblical verses throughout this manual as well as prayers, intention statements and in-depth information about the history of the Sacred Heart as well as how you can connect with the Sacred Heart for Spiritual Healing and Divine Guidance. 

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