The Divine Rays of the Archangels, Archeia and the Musical Notes of the Chakras

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The Divine Rays of the Archangels, Archeia and the Notes of the Chakras is an upgraded program of energy work that replaces my existing Archangels and Archeia Attunement that I channeled a few years ago. The older program had been re-channeled by individuals who added to the manual, took away information and stated that they were the founders so to seperate myself from their false teachings, I have re-channeled the information to include the addition of the chakras which are aligned and balanced using my Crystal Singing Chalices via audio files which you will recieve as part of your purchase. The Divine Rays of the Archangels, Archeia and the Notes of the Chakras is a new healing system that I have continued to work with for several years and have also been working with the vibrations of Sound Therapy via my in person holistic treatment centre where I offer Sound Healing and Sound Bath’s to clients. This is a system of Self Development, Personal Enlightenment and Expanded Awareness of the Chakra System but it can also be used for Self Healing by incorporating the audio files of the Crystal Singing Chalices that you will receive as part of your file download and distant attunements. You will also learn how to create Etheric Orbs of Light which are infused with the vibrations of the Archangels and Archeia as well as the Celestial Messages of the Musical Notes of the Chakras.

Archangels are messengers of Heaven who bring forth the Intelligence of the Universal Consciousness so that we can tap into these frequencies in a simple and practical way to bring Healing and to Mind, Body and Spirit. The Archangels represent the Divine Principles of the Godhead which include but are not limited to the energies of Power, Wisdom, Love, Healing, Forgiveness and much more. The Spiritual Rays are also sometimes called “The 7 Rays” and it is thorugh these Rays that you can tap into the extended energies of Etheric Colour which correspond to the colours of the Rainbow, Chakras and Notes of the Chakras.

Within this system, you will receive 7 distant attunements to each of the 7 Chakras while also incorporating the energies of the Archeia and tones of the Chakras which are given to you through a short audio file that I made using my Crystal Singing Chalices. When listened to the audio files, you will experience a deep sense of Peace, Balance, Healing and Alignment to the Spiritual Body and Energy System as well as Auric Field.

You will learn about the following plus much more:

* Introduction to the Energies

* The Three-Fold Flame

* The Rays of the Archangels and Archeia

* Angelic Orbs

* Different Types of Sound Therapy – A Comprehensive Overview

* Chanting

* The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

* The Notes of the Chakras

* Chakra Correspondences

* The 5 Secret Rays

* Archangel Metatron & Metatrons Cube

* Metatron Guided Meditation

* How to work with the Energies

* Creating Angelic Orbs for Healing Oneself and Others.

* WAV Format Audio Files of the 7 Crystal Singing Chalices

* Channeled Symbol

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