The Faery Tree Spirit Energies

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Fairy Tree Spirit Energies has no symbols associated with it. It is an extremely visual and beautiful attunement that brings you to the Fairy Tree Grove to recive the elixir of 16 Tree Spirit Empowerments that you will receive directly from the Fairies! Within the manual you will learn the procedure to connect with the Tree Spirit Empowerments but it is then up to you to learn about the gifts, attributes and properties through meditation and contemplation.

The Fairy Tree Spirit Empowerments:

* Wood of the Birch

* Wood of the Oak

* Wood of the Willow

* Wood of the Rowan

* Wood of the Ash

* Wood of the Hawthorn

* Wood of the Blackthorn

* Wood of the Yew

* Wood of the Elder

* Wood of the Apple

* Wood of the Alder

* Wood of the Hazel

* Wood of the Elm

* Wood of the Beech

* Wood of the Spruce

* Wood of the Cedar

Learning about these empowerments will enable you to call upon each of the beautiful tree attributes and work with them in your life, your meditations, and most importantly working with the Faeries. There is so much to learn and they have so much to teach us, you only need listen for the Song of Faery within your own hearts. You will be given information on each of the sixteen sacred Faery Trees to include some Faery Folklore and tree attributes and receive the Tree Spirit Affirmation Rhyme that seals the energies within you. You will also be taught how to use the Tree Spirit Elixirs whenever you need them.

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