The Gifts of Apollo Flush Empowerment

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The focus of the Gifts of Apollo Flush Empowerment is to increase your inner sense of personal courage, strength, creativity, self expression, self love and personal power. The energies have been designed to work within your etheric background so it can help you to live your life in accordance with your inner truth and higher self. The energies will also help you with understanding and releasing the build up of emotional and mental energies that are affecting your overall well-being. The Gifts of Apollo Flush Empowerment will also help you to expand your spiritual development, psychic awareness and personal enlightenment.

The energies of the Gifts of Apollo Flush Empowerment are also open ended. This means that there is the potential for new energy functions to make themselves known to you as you work with the system and the vibrations through your etheric background. With this in mind, I highly encourage you to be open to new possibilities as well as being creative in your use of the attunement. Most important of all, I want you to have fun and to connect with the energies in ways that are not mentioned within this manual.

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