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Archangel Zapharel is an Angelic Being who is part of realms of the Seraphim. The seraphim are the highest order within the Angelic Realms and represent the ultimate forms of Love, Joy, Happiness and the advancement of Spiritual Awareness. Through these unique connections you will receive the aspects of Seraph Zapharel.

In total there are 5 Iniitations within the Light of Zapharel Series which are listed below:

The Light of Zapharel Initiation

The Light of Zapharel Initiation is the prerequisite to receiving any of the Light attunements from Seraph Zapharel. You only need to receive the Light of Zapharel Initiation once. This attunement will gently raise your Vibrations to a level that is high enough for you to receive the remaining Light Attunements and will also introduce you to Seraph Zapharel. I can remember my own Attunement to Zapharel which was received many years ago. It was one of the most intensive and purest Energy connections that I have ever received.

The Light of Passion and Enthusiasm

The Light of Passion and Enthusiasm Attunement begins an ongoing process of Intuitive Healing that removed the Negativity and Anger that can be present in all Humans and which may be carried over from previous Lifetimes. Clearing this Negativity and Anger opens your Heart, Body and Soul to receive Love and Happiness as well as as assist you to see these qualities in those around you.

The Light of Clear Vision and Understanding

The Light of Clear Vision and Understanding works to help you see more clearly your Spiritual Path and the Direction you are following to enable you to make the changes that are needed in order for you to reach your Goal with a greater sense of purpose as well as with a clearer vision of where you need to be in order to gain Emotional and Spiritual Fulfilment.

The Light of Protection and Guidance

The Light of Protection and Guidance has been created to help you when you feel exposed and lost without any Guidance as to where your Spiritual or Life’s path is heading. Without Guidance your whole Energetic Vibration can decrease and you are often left not knowing where the Beauty and Love is that surrounds you every day of your life. Low Spiritual Energy Levels can manifest as Physical Illness and it is during these times that you will need Protection and Guidance to gently raise your Vibration.

The Light of Love and Acceptance

The Light of Love and Acceptance teaches you about the importance of Love in your Life. Love exists in all of us and often we are unable to accept or give it freely to ourselves and others. It is easy to say how much you Love Someone yet how often do you say it with the true meaning and depth of this powerful word. The Light of Love and Acceptance will help you to understand the true menaing of what it is to Love Yourself and to Love Others. As you progressively receive the Attunements to the Light of Zapharel you will begin to incorporate them into your regular Healing Sessions. You might also find that Zapharel will automatically begin channeling his Energies through you more often than you use them so allow yourself to be open to these Beautiful Energies and walk the path of Enlightenment with Seraph Zapharel.

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