The Maneki-Neko Empowerment

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The Maneki-Neko Good Luck & Prosperity Empowerment was channelled due to my love of these special figurines of which I have several scattered around the house including one in my therapy room that came from Japan and a 40cm tall cat in my study which was given to me by a friend in Japan several years ago. The fascinating history behind the popular “waving lucky cat” with an inviting raised paw and pointy ears, these iconic lucky charms have been bringing good fortune for centuries and now you can tap into the energies of the Manei-Neko via this distant attunement. The Chinese waving cat is well known, visually, at least. This kitsch, often gold ornament is ubiquitous in Chinatowns and Asian stores around the world, but these cute little statues are not Chinese at all. They are Japanese… Names Maneki-Neko in Japanese {literally “backing cat”}, the figurine, true to its name and contrary to popular belief, is not actually waving. In Japan unlike in Western culture, the way to beckon someone over to you is with your palm facing forward, and fingers pointing down. With a raised paw, pointy ears and coins and other accessories, Maneki-Neko have been bringing in luck and prosperity for centuries and while the iconic statues have varied origin stories, they all begin in Japan. With your attunement, you will receive an energetic connection to the Maneki-Neko, which will give you the ability to tap into the etheric properties of the lucky cat so you can place the energies into any room or location to bring Good Luck, Abundance, Prosperity, Protection and much more into your life. 

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