The Parrot of Kamadeva

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This attunement has a fixed fee of $96 but the founder has given me permission to offer it for less through the Academy.

Love plays a very important role in the happiness of each person which then contributes to higher levels of passion and sexuality. These 2 aspects are what make life feel like an exciting adventure. Love, Sexuality and Passion are often seen as taboo in the west but within Hinduism, it is embraced and Kamadeva is stepping forward at this time to help you embrace these energies. Many will get caught up in thinking that passionate romance, love and sexuality are only for some people and not for them but this is not true. Love, Passion and Romance are for everyone to embrace in their lives. This system has been channelled to give you the inner spark that you need to make these energies a reality in your life. They will help you to find the words to tell your partner how you feel and will give you a different perspective on what Love, Passion, Romance and Sexuality should look like.

A lot of people only call on Kamadev or channel Kamadev energy systems for sexual purposes but there is so much more to working with the energies of this amazing deity. Love means anything that helps you to relax your body, calm the mind and awaken the heart. Love is also available to use to ignite your senses. Kamadeva is not limited to just sexuality which is why this energy has been brought forth. Kamadeva brings 3 powers to you through the Parrot of Kamadeva. It brings the main focus of Kamadeva as well as the Goddess Rati and the energies of the Parrot too.

There are many benefits of this system which include but are not limited to the following:

* Inner Healing

* Igniting Non-Sexual Passion

* Improving Relationships & Communication

* Enhancing the Beauty of your Aura

* Positivity to Troubled Marriages and Relationships

* Bringing Luck into your Life

* Awakening your Inner Personality

* Increasing Self-Awareness

* Awakening Positive Attraction of Energies

* Receiving Blessings from Kamadev God

* Overcoming Problems of Lack of Love

* Resolving Inner Conflicts and much more

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