The Phenacite Crystal Empowerment

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The Phenacite Crystal Empowerment is the 2nd system within the Crystal Encoding Trilogy. The prerequisite to take this Attunement is the Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment.

Where the Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment worked to help you in Clearing and Balancing your Chakras to help with the development of your Psychic abilties the Phenacite Crystal Empowerment will continue this process of Psychic Awakening to help you to connect with your Spirit Guide, Ascended Masters and Archangels. Phenacite provides a connection to Higher Dimensions from which the Activator of the Crystalline Structure can gain far reaching and comprehensive information from the Ascended Masters and your Personal Guides. In addition to this Phenacite can assist you with the art of Manifestation, producing a prompt response to what which you wish to bring into actuality. The Phenacite Crystal Empowerment will aid you with the continued process of Stimulating your Psychic Energies as well as aiding in your connections with the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Light Beings. This intensified process of Etheric Conenction will take place through the placement of an Etheric Phenacite Crystal into your Crown and 3rd Eye Chakras as well as your Auric Field.

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