The Saint Benedict Protection Empowerment

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The St Benedict Protection Empowerment is an attunement that I will use more often than any other energy. Not only is it powerful but St Benedict is always happy to intercede for us to help in times of need. Most people, do not realise how indebted the world is to Saint Benedict. The very mention of his name will cause evil to flee, curses to be broken and astral entities to be exorcised. As previously mentioned, the presence of Saint Benedict and his Medal has helped me in many ways since I first connected with him. This led me to investigate more about the Medal of Saint Benedict to discover how his medal can help others. As Saint Benedict is invoked against evil, his Medal {physical and etheric} are considered particularly efficacious against it. This is the medal the devout will use when they have just about had enough of being under spiritual attack. If you have tried everything else to remove an attack or curse but have not been successful, the medal of Saint Benedict and your true desire to let go of all thoughts and energies that are associated with the situation will work miracles. The medal itself has an important prayer used in the Rite of Exorcism which you can learn more about through the Spirit Release Healing Method that I channelled in 2012.

So how did Saint Benedict defeat evil and how did the medal of Saint Benedict help him to become the patron of exorcism? Incorporating the energies of this attunement with the Spirit Release Healing Method brings forth an extremely powerful form of healing that I have used on many occasions when working with clients who are experiencing negative entity attachments and spiritual attacks. The medal of Saint Benedict is a sacred symbol that when activated will open doorways to new life experiences as well as remove obstacles from your life’s path. The etheric medal will also protect you from curses, evil and vice. It will protect you against disease while encouraging good health of mind, body and spirit. I would highly recommend that you also be attuned to the Spirit Release Healing Method Levels 1-3 to work with this system so you can combine the energies but this is not a prerequisite that is set in stone. As long as you are attuned to Reiki 1st Degree, the energies will still work.

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