The Vahana Flush Empowerment – The Celestial Vehicles of the Gods & Goddess

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This is one of my all-time favourite attunements to work with and to have channelled. If you are interested in deity worship, particularly within Hinduism, please check out the following attunements which can be found on my website

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Hindu gods and goddesses use various conveyance modes for their travel and mobility. They are called Vahanas or vehicles. Vahanas serve the same purpose as today’s modern vehicles suitable for travel by air, land, water or even interstellar travel. The gods of the upper worlds use them for both travel and warfare. The Vahanas are mostly animals or mythical creatures. They are not mere animals or beasts of burden but divine beings who possess divine wisdom and assume fierce forms in the battlefield. Most of them are also treated with respect and worshipped by devotees with offerings of food and prayers. The idea of a vehicle or Vahana is rooted in the Vedas. The gods live in the higher worlds. They use the Vahanas to travel from world to world or to visit their devotees and other divinities. When a sacrificial ceremony is performed upon earth, they descend to the earth in their respective vehicles to the sacrificial place to receive their offerings. They also use them to perform their duties. The Vedas describe how the god Surya {sun} travels in the sky every day, riding upon a golden chariot, drawn by seven horses, radiating light and filling the world with Prana. Before the storm, the Maruts and Rudras appear in the sky riding their horses, carrying weapons and wearing colourful attires to disperse water-bearing clouds in a riotous display of valour. With this attunement, you will receive the energetic connection to a variety of Gods and Goddesses and their Vahana’s to give you the energetic blessings of tapping into the vehicle of the deity for personal progression and spiritual healing.

The Gods/Goddess and Vahana that you will be attuned to are:

* Brahma

* Saraswati

* Vishnu

* Maha Lakshmi

* Shiva

* Ganesha

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