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Visva Shakti is a Transformational Life Force Energy that merges the act of touch with intent. The Visva Shakti practitioner focuses their intention to bring changes to the lives of themselves and others. Visva Shakti is a tool that brings shifts in Consciousness while also clearing away old ideas that block energy from freely flowing. It is a process for life and healing that is based on a powerful evolutionary theraputic approach that seeks the integration of all aspects of Humility {The Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual}. Visva Shakti is based on a deep understanding of the ways in which Energy and Consciousness work together in the Transformative process of Healing. This is achieved gradually by bringing Consciousness, Movement & Transformation to the cores overlying defensive structures. The result is the release of a vast amount of Energy, creating Vitality, greater Life Fulfillment, Joy and Pleasure.

Visva Shakti Levels:

* Level 1 – In the 1st level, the initiation will Open, Clear and Activate your 7 Major Chakras and 3 Nadis. This level consists of 4 Energy Patterns.

* Level 2 – In the 2nd level, the initiation will increase your ability to channel the energies by 1000. The initiation will open and activate 365 Chakras and 72,000 Nadis. The Aura will be strengthened and will shine brighter. This level contains 6 energy patterns.

* Level 3 – In the 3rd level, you will be attuned as a Master/Teacher. At this level, your aura will be strengthed so it shines brighter and more aligned with your Higher Self. This level contains 5 Energy Patterns.

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