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Web of Light Reiki has been designed to focus on the teachings of Grandmother Spider. Grandmother Spider has been revered by many Indigenous Cultures as the Weaver of the Universe. The Lakota Indians call her “Iktome”, Eeaver of the Healing Power. She is also known as the Power of the Creative Force of which you will experience through your attunements to Web of Light Reiki. There are many legends about the Creation of the Universe and it has been said that the Web of Grandmother Spider binds all things together and forms the foundation for Planet Earth. The energies of this system also offer you a link to the Past, Present, Future as well as those of Birth and Creation. When this energy enters into your life, it is giving you the encouragement to be Strong in your life and to be Anchored into your present reality.

Grandmother Spider, known as the Creatix of the Universal Energies are available and open to everyone who feels ready to step into their New Reality where Love is the Ultimate Protagonist. These Energies will not work when hey are used from the Ego or with the purpose of Manipulating anyone or anything. The purpose of this System is to give you the Energetic tools that you can use to dismantle the Old Web of Reality, allowing you to link with the Higher Dimensions of Love and Light so that you can create a different reality for yourself and your healing abilities.

* Web of Light Level 1 – Breaking Free from the Old. Clearing Stagnant Energies and Negative Beliefs.

Because Spider lives within the Grid, She can help you to create a Smooth outcome to all of life’s situations. Spiders are industrious and imaginative. They work hard to get their ideas to fruition. Spider energy works if you want to see your Creativity take Physical Form. You want to Skillfully use your Talents to provide your Yourself. You want to learn how to trap what you want without trapping yourself in Unhealthy Energetic Patterns. You will also learn how to gain a sense of Strong Spiritual Protection from Negative Thought Forms and other forms of Manipulation. Spider will also help you to discern the Unhealthy Connections that may be causing a drain on your Spiritual Energy.

* Web of Light Level 2 – Expanding the Web of Light through the connection with the Cosmic Heart.

The Cosmic Heart allows you to connect to the Web of Light to link to Higher Dimensions of Love and Light. Love is the Highest Vibration and by linking to the Cosmic Heart you will open your Heart Portal, allowing your Spiritual Being to expand outwards into a new sense of Self Awareness. Grandmother Spider is the Creatix of the Universe because she is the Light Herself. So are you! We are all One with the Light of the Universal Consciousnes. We are not One, we are of the One or the One Light that encompasses all of Humankind and Planet Earth. That Spark does not change, it Expands. Everything that is and will be, that ever was is Light Itself. This is the place where Creation takes place and Miracles Unfold. When you are Attuned to level 2, you are linking your Heart to each Light Being that loves you unconditionally and understand the connection within the Tapestry that is the Universe. When you are Attuned to this System, you can achieve a much faster and meaningful Comnication with Light Beings, either Telepathically or through a Clearer Knowing such as Spiritual Visions or Hearing Messages from your Brothers and Sisters of Light and Star Lineage.

* Web of Light Level 3 – Creating a New Reality through the Seed of Creation.

Web of Light Level 3 is simply the Master/Teacher Degree which allows you to pass on the energies to others. As you connect with the Web of Light through the Cosmic Heart you will be ready to understand your Multi-Dimensional Self as well as the Seeds of Creation. Through the completion of this level you will be able to perform Full Healings for yourseld and others as well as previously stated, you will be a Web of Light Teacher, giving you the ability to pass on the energies to others.

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