Divine Blessings of Grace Empowerment


“The Blessings of Divine Grace” energy system aims to provide a gentle and transformative experience by connecting individuals with the Universal Creative Source. The emphasis is on cleansing the soul from negativity, leading to feelings of relief, peace, love, and joy. The ultimate outcome is described as the reception of abundant blessings in the forms of prosperity, love, and healing.

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Author: Linda Colibert / Daelyn Wolf


“The Blessings of Divine Grace” appears to be an energy system designed to connect individuals with the Universal Creative Source, providing a cleansing and uplifting experience for the soul. Here are key points from the description:

  1. Connection to Universal Creative Source:

    • The primary aim of this energy system is to establish a connection between individuals and the Universal Creative Source. This connection is intended to facilitate the cleansing of the soul from negative emotions and thoughts.
  2. Cleansing of Negative Emotions:

    • The energy system is designed to cleanse the soul of negative emotions such as guilt, worry, regret, and other similar feelings. The process of releasing these negative thoughts and emotions begins immediately upon connecting to the Blessings of Divine Grace.
  3. Gentle and Easy Release:

    • The release of negative thoughts and emotions is described as a gentle and easy process, avoiding the potential side effects that some energies might bring. The intention is to provide a smooth and comfortable experience for the individual.
  4. Feelings of Relief, Peace, Love, and Joy:

    • As a result of the cleansing process, individuals may experience feelings of relief and peace initially. These emotions are then said to be replaced by a sense of love and joy. This suggests a transformative and uplifting effect on the emotional state.
  5. Abundance of Blessings:

    • The Blessings of Divine Grace are associated with the abundance of prosperity, love, and healing. Opening one’s heart and mind is emphasized as a way to receive these blessings. The energy system is presented as a conduit for these positive energies to flow abundantly to the individual.
  6. Simple Receptivity:

    • Receiving the blessings is portrayed as a simple act of opening one’s heart and mind. The implication is that the process does not require complex rituals or practices, but rather a willingness to be open and receptive.

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