Medicine Mandala Package – Angelic Connections for Advanced Healing

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The Medicine Mandala Empowerments have been designed to help expand the Consciousness of the Planet and act as Activations for your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies by Purifying and Releasing you from lower Vibrational Energies which in turn will fill your life with Divine White Light. Using Sacred Geometry as a link to the Divine Source, the Medicine Mandala Energies within the Images that were Painted by Joanne will help you to better understand the Laws, Patterns and Blueprints within all of Nature. The Energies are given to you by the Divine Healing Support of Archangel Raphael. His presence will come forward with a warm Emerald Green Light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow Healing and Love to flood into all aspects of your life and your Light Body. The Medicine of each Empowerment is placed within your Chakras in their Spiritual Form, continuing to support Release and Growth once the attunement is performed. Each empowerment comes with its own Manual, Hand-Painted Mandala and Affirmation to help you to connect further with the Energies of each Medicine Mandala.

Abundance Medicine Mandala Empowerment:

* Feel the Blessings of Abundance in all areas of your life.

* Know your Material and Spiritual will be met.

* Feel Safe and Secure.

* Allow the glow of Abundance and Prosperity into your Life.

* Re-affirm and Remember your Divine Purpose.

* Be open to new opportunities such as Careers, Relationships and Business Opportunities.

Angel Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Experience and be Open to Divine Love.

* Sense the Presence of the Angels.

* Providing Inner Peace and Comfort.

* Open your Heart Chakra to allow Trust and Faith.

* Open your Throat Chakra to enable you to speak your Truth.

* Experience more Faith within your Life.

Compassion Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Allow more Compassion into your Heart.

* Love with an Open Heart.

* Open and Expand your Base Chakra.

* Do all things with Love and Light.

* Release Jealousy and Stubbornness.

Creativity Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Bring Abundance of Creative Energies.

* Be filled with Inspiration.

* Open and Expand your Sacral Chakra.

* Trust in your Instincts.

* Let go and Simply Create.

* Honour your True Self in all its Beauty.

* Allow Self-Expression without Fear of what others may think.

* Make time for Happiness to enter into your Life.

Divine Source Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Allow the Energies of the Creator, Great Spirit, Father, Mother God into your Heart.

* Connect with the Divine Source.

* Connect with the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Life Beings.

* Open and Expand your Crown Chakra.

* Find the centre of your True Being.

* Be open to receiving Divine Love in all its Beauty.

* Find the Sacred in everything and every moment.

* Realise that you are ONE with all Creation.

Forgiveness Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Allow yourself to be open to Forgive.

* Let go of Guilt or Shame.

* Experience the Innocence within your Heart.

* Open and Expand your Throat Chakra.

* Remember to let Go and let God into your life.

* Heal Past Life Trauma and Karmic Experiences.

Gratitude Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Be open to Gratitude in all areas of your life.

* Be open to counting your Blessings.

* Find Miracles in Everyday Life.

* Find the Sacred in every Moment.

* Give and Receive Help from Others.

Healing Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Be open to receiving Divine Healing.

* Create more wellness in your life.

* Take care of your body with new Healthy Habits.

* Let go of Unhealthy Habits.

* Utilise Natural Healing and Energy Modalities.

* Be open to Performing Meditation for Personal Well-Being.

* Live your Life in Perfect Harmony.

Joy Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Allow more Joy into your Heart and Life.

* Experience Pure Happiness.

* Celebrate your Life and the Lives of Others.

* Spend more time Outdoors and Re-Learn to Play.

* Clear and Expand your Solar Plexus Chakra.

* Utilise Aromatherapy for your Spiritual Well-Being.

* Love and Nurture your Inner Child.

Love Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Love yourself Fully and Unconditionally.

* Live with only Love in your Heart.

* Live your Life with Passion.

* Open and Expand your Heart to receive Love from Others.

* Open and Expand your Heart Chakra.

* Mend a Broken Heart.

* Let go of Fear.

Nature Medicine Mandala Empowerment

* Connect fully with Mother Earth.

* Connect fully with the Faeries and Nature Spirits.

* Feel Grounded and Secure in your Life.

* Connect with the Tree, Oceans, Rivers and all of Nature.

* Connect with the Ancestors.

* Connect to the Energy of the Sacred Feminine.

* Establish a Deeper Connection to your Animal Guides.

* Find Joy in Everyday Rituals, Spiritual Rituals and Sacred Rites.

* Honour Oneness with the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

* Work with Crystals for Ascension and Healing.

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