Mental Body Sunshine Aura Crystalline Flush

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The Mental Body Sunshine Aura Crystalline Flush has been channeled to powerfully cleanse the Mental Body layer of your Light Body using the energies of the Sunshine Quartz Crystal. This is performed through an Etheric Connection to this beautiful Crystal. This system is very easy to activate, contains no complicated Symbols and it will automatically flow as and when it is needed by simply using your Intention. It is however very important to be mindful of just what you are focusing on with this energy as it will set events in motion very quickly. If while you are working with this energy, you become aware of an issue that you would like to work on, or perhaps you are already aware you have a long standing problem that needs healing, you can also choose to work with the Meditations and Visualisations that are given within the manual to help you to improce your Mental Mind State. It is important to remember that our thoughts powerfully drive our Emotional State and these together have an incredible impact on the kind of life that we will physically manifest within our lives. When we live a life which is filled with Fear and Anxiety or we are held in a Negative Mental Mindset or pattern of Behaviour we become a prisoner of our past experiences expecting life to always be the same, never daring to hope for better times. it can be challenging to overcome this Mental Conditioning, but it is possible by regularly working on yourself to literallyy re-program your Neural Pathways to respond in a new positive, proactive way.

You will learn about:

The Power or Positive and Negative Programming.

The Mental Layer of the Aura.

Healing the Mental Body.

How to Create your ‘Soul Vision’.

Challenging and Changing your Beliefs.

The 9 Step Action Plan (Focus-Authenticity-Study-Meditation-Visualising- Affirmations-Create-Hypnosis-Speech).

Healing properties of the Sunshine Aura Crystal.

In the ‘Working with this energy’ part you will find helpful meditation and energy exercises for:

Releasing Fear & Anxiety.

Releasing Anger.

Focusing your Power.

Combating Negative Programming & Self Talk.

Headaches & Migraines.

May also be helpful as complimentary treatment for issues such as:



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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