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Many people will have on-going problems with Prosperity and Money. Money will flow for a time and then it will slow or even cease all together with much of the ground that the person has gained being lost. At other times, just when one seems to be coming out of a bad patch with money, a new problem will present itself where it eats up the money that they have just saved. Money is energy and in these times of economic “doom and gloom” it is more important than ever that people remember to trust in and rely upon the Universe as their source of all good. We must all remember that lusting after material things will result in the lack of balance with your connection with Spiritual Development through too much striving after Worldly Posessions and Power. The Multi-Faceted way in which Money Essence Reiki works will build your Self Esteem and Feelings of Worthiness which will help you to re-connect with Money on an Energetic level as well as Physical. It will also help you to shift any Negative Beliefs that you have about Money, therefore helping you to have a more relaxed view of Money and how it can be your friend and not your foe. 

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