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Welcome to the Patron Saint Spiritual Empowerments. Originally, I channelled the Saint Initiations Level 1-3 as a trilogy of energetic connections that focused on building an energetic rapport with the saints for healing and empowerment but since the release of the 3rd level and manual, several students have emailed me to ask for additional help in learning more about what saints that they can pray to for help with specific situations in life. Everything from marriage problems, spiritual protection, divine healing, animals and much more. I originally decided to just teach these methods via oral tradition but after several weeks of teaching, I felt the saints connect with me in a personal way to bring forth this new distant attunement which will give the reader/initiate the information about Patron Saints whom you can call upon in times of need for healing, protection, marriage support and much more. This new set of sacred initiations to the energetic vibrations of patron saints has been developed to bring forth an even greater sense of spiritual awareness and self-development. Through working with the energies of the patron saints and calling on them to walk with you on your spiritual and life’s path, they will work with you as intermediaries between you and God {The Godhead}.

A patron saint can be called upon to help you when you follow the example of that saint’s life and when you ask for the saint’s intercessory prayers to be made to God. You are also encouraged to do your own research in order to discover the many other saints who are out there to help you with life’s situations but this manual will be as in-depth as I can make it to help you on your spiritual and life’s path as well as introduce you to the energies of the patron saints that I have worked with on many occasions. Often saints are believed in their lifetime to be channels for God in some fashion and in many cases the life of the saint, over time, becomes something of legend that inspires, guides us toward our truth and tells of the time in which they lived. Saints at times are chosen by a specific group or cause because of the values that the saint espoused to be the patron saint for the group or cause. Throughout the channelling of this manual, I have been guided to add an extra dimension of energy to the attunement by giving you at the saint’s feast day as well as prayers and invocations that you can use to connect with them. These prayers have been used by myself and thousands of people around the world to bring a closer connection with the saint and godhead. It is ultimately my hope that these prayers will bless you by helping you to create a spiritual intention through the act of praying.

Within the extensive 54-page manual, you will learn about Saints ranging from:

* Healing Saints.

* Saints to help with Abundance.

* Saints for Children.

* Saints for Travel and Protection.

* Saints for Animals and much more.

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